Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dream Walk

run towards the moon,
with your dreams curled in your tongue, 
brave as white stallion 


we dreamwalk through life,
a caterpillar on leaf,   
unfold your wings, fly  

Note:  D'verse Poets Pub:   Writing Visuals - Talks about Chinese and Japanese Poetry - Drop by for an interesting read ~ I feel all of of us will benefit from this article. 

Written for Few Miles Haiku Challenge 2012 for the month of February:   Day 24- Dream Walk ~  

picture credit:   here


  1. "run towards the moon" an invitation I accept gladly!

  2. These are beautiful....I was going to choose a favorite, but both are fantastic...

  3. I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's awesome.

  4. I like these Haiku very much, especially the second. Thank you.

  5. I am a moon lover. So will run to the moon together with the dreams I have. Love this haiku very much. Thank you for sharing.

  6. "Unfold your wings and fly . . . " how beautiful that sounds. I think too often in life, we have our wings tied down or clipped due to some kind of unrealistic fear.

    Lovely writings. :)


  7. Very motivational, Grace! Love it. And thank you for the link to D'verse Poets Pub.

  8. This loon will definitely run towards the moon..haha...really liked that line.

  9. i want to ride the white stallion

  10. Very beautiful Grace! I enjoyed except felt the flow breaking a little with repitition of 'Your' in second line of first discomfort, that.. expressed..

  11. These are both absolutely beautiful! I especially loved the first one. Excellent crafted thoughts and words :-)

  12. "...and the sunlight grasps the earth
    and the moon beams kiss the sea,
    what is all this kissings worth
    if thow kiss not me?". Blythe

  13. Conjured up some lovely images in my imagination, Grace - and who knows maybe I'll see them in my dreams tonight!

  14. Lovely imagery created. Thank you for sharing ~~
    I'm later than usual, however ... Here is my Day 24.

  15. I love the second one, unfold your wings, fly

  16. beautiful Grace.. particularly I loved the second one madly.. Thanks!


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