Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rosebush, thin

bowed head, she is 
an old woman sinking to herself:  
thorns, stems, hips, perfume-
her bony fingers grasp
tight the last brown-burnt leaf

the soil is hard
stone-bed, mulched  
with twigs & pitted-black petals
milk-dust snow is a knife 
paring her delicate neck

the carbon air thins
hour by hour
knotting each pulse to static 
until only the roots
remain, meager as beggar's cup

My roses during springtime

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Grant me my day

I search for myself
among the fallen leaves
bruised on rain-silted path

in stillness of afternoon sun
the field, a river serene
to all echoes of passing birds

death is the smell of wood
earth is red nest, spaded deep with

Grant me my day
to sip water from the sky
grass, sleeping trees, depths of

Title inspired by Salvatore Quasimodo (in part):

Grant Me My Day

(Dammi il mio giorno)

Grant me my day;
so I might yet search myself
for some dormant face of the years
that a hollow of water
returns in its transparency
and weep for love of myself.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The dead man's journal

Grace @ Everyday Amazing

The dead man sits on wooden bench, rained with fallen leaves.
He marvels how sky light ripples the leaves
to cantaloupe gold, to dusky orange, to flaming red.
How the colors speak to him:
music interlude, flare of sunset, smell of overripe fruits-
Today, right now
pierces his numbed bones
as if his skin is made of a thousand dragonfly wings.

He gets a small jar to capture the air & scent of autumn.
He wants to slice & label 
Today, right now
With BIG, BOLD letters.
But the night wind is faster
sweeping leaves to decay & rot, 
wrapping them with glaze of first snowdrop-

Even now
time does not stop nor linger
Even though tomorrow means nothing
to the dead man now  
He feels the weight of his feet, moving as caterpillar
during last of summer nights:   voracious, hungry 
for every leaf, for every color shading the grass

He pens in his journal:  
Today I am hungry
and I have never felt so alive

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Saturday, November 1, 2014


By Fire Painter, Steve Spazuk

To fire painter

Draw me out of flames
Smoke streaking the air
Where there is darkness
Let your feather brush silvers

From out of soot & toxic air
Move your hand 
Etching my face, bones
To life until I am a bird

Singing at night 
Free of poisoned chemicals
Warbling of joy
To gentle moon

Note:  Steve Spazuk works are a reaction to the heavy use of pesticides in North America and the consequential poisoning of insect-eating birds.

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