Thursday, June 25, 2020

i am

the word & phrase you write in every poem
the pathway, streets and city you live since you were born
the plate, cup, brew, spice, food you eat 
the hat, purse, coat, shirt, shoes that you wear
the wheel, hub, spokes, transmission that you ride
the book & tenets you read at night

the only key in your pocket
you carry wherever you go
not pricky, not heavy, not strange
just comfortable weight in your hands & eyes

i would have love to peek at other people's windows
& admire their paintings, chairs, photos, bookshelves
but alas 
i remain
your blind spot

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020


between the sea and shoreline
white foam of blue waves echo

ocean's murmurings to the sky
shells open & birds with new

wings venture to taste the brine
above the reef in blue-green lake

here, death is clawing at each breath
here, life is rising under rocks & bones

a mermaid's wild tales
of missing treasures, sunken ships, lost

cities, treasures & jewelries makes
my head spin 

what secrets the ocean keeps in its 
darkness (we may never know)

but this I know

I stretch my hands outward as horizon
quivers, shimmers with coral pink sun

I am the siren,
I am the song
as the storm rises on my tongue

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Thursday, June 11, 2020


you own the night with your voice
drumming our flesh with city vibes

the moon beds you with starlight 
& silverdust, we turn to moonflowers

yet your eyes are bright sun-
flowers even when your bones

are weary, your breasts are heavy
with scars, still

your words are warm honey
& herbed tea, spooned by kindness  

as you watch over the vessel of your
bloodline & friends vine in tangled joy

now as our hands are weeping
we're also smiling with birdsongs of your memories

i breathe 
your spontaneity & zest for life

there are no black or white lines
only colors spilling out from pen & lens

rest in peace, friend

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

summer flowers

the summer heat
dries the dandelions to white whiskered heads

peppermint leaves scatter
their fragrances across fences & empty husks

lilacs and forget-me-nots 
are swaying to blues, bees & birdsongs

my room is filled with long
fingers of the sunrays & wheat grass 

i drink the darkness
at last, slurping its cold sweet juice

the moon is young
flower breaking out from its silver seed

with the stars & bright planets in sky
my dreams are teal, my words are nectar

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

language of pandemics

i paint

our words to be a virus
our words to be a vaccine

our words to be host cell 
our words to be N95 mask

whether you are asymptomatic
or symptomatic, our doorways are alike

from graffitied city streets
to funeral parlors with 10 chairs

let's socially distance
via zoom meeting with sun-

flowers stuck in our hair-
sending crownlit poems from our windpipes-

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Monday, May 18, 2020

summer nights

i taste the skin
from summer fruit
the juice sticky

on my lips  
as sliver of light
glaces the room

you are fixated:
crystals & mirrors

or is it
murmurings of trees 
you hear

pressing on
& on

i gulp down 
2 red pills

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

for curbside delivery

under the wave of writing
fog, i set an alarm:   to persuade
invisible enemies in
Stalin's Court of Red Tsar,
the spies in Hitler's inner circle
seeking Allah,
finding Jesus

what are 7 secrets of persuasion?
I turn to the African Samurai
for answers
he, black warrior
is silent
truth is best served, with starving mouth

My hubby's books

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020


my hair
bathed in snake's oil under pink moon
my skin
a blasphemy of brine
from slaughtered bones & tusks
watch me
glide wearing the red
crown of destruction

count your hours
because i will smother your every
weigh your coins & fancy
clothes because i will empty every
streets & buildings you have polka-stamped
your name

i will slither-slit
lungs of your weakest lot & then
i will come for

the death-song
pealing in your marbled churches-
the nightmare-beast
clawing your heart to stillness-

you own nothing
in this plague of war
but a mote of dust
leave me
until my very own children

& kill me

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Monday, April 6, 2020

waiting for the curve to flatten (& fall) --->

pair of chickadees 
are busy
building nest of twigs 
daffodil shoots are opening 
to sunshine, dewy-eyed 

our windows are closed 
 - shoes boxed - jackets folded -  
tucked away 
as house becomes 
 - fortress - 

we hide here, 
counting cases  
 - fatalities/country -
with gloves
 - masked -

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Monday, March 23, 2020

a symphony at the park

blue sky, fresh cool wind,
afternoon sun on my face -
seagulls shriek, trumpets
over empty streets & tracks
above stadiums deadly quiet

ducks swimming in ponds
geese swooping from sky, thunder-
bolts of wings, symphony
of robins and cardinals -

magical season, i am spring

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