Monday, August 27, 2018

this land of mine

you leave your bricks

abandoned, things rusted under sun

i'll rise and trample them 

with wildgrass and earthworms

i'll cover their metallic teeth, 

and venyl skin, until nothing is seen

but my green arms and seeds, housing 

birds and creatures, who'll call this - 


Credit:  here

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Thursday, August 23, 2018


your sky is lavender 
and curlicue of colors
         rose auburn, dark pink, teal
threading through tapestry
of rye knots and countless loops

you think of raspberry 
on a long solitary flight
you smell sour apples in
                                  unfinished songs

taste stings of wasp and exotic spices 
           in warblings of guitar hymms
as you dab your vision on canvas
your skin is luminous
growing light between layers
of  unsaturated darkness, 
you never settle 

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Changing seasons

My friends and I agree to meet up - its been years since we exchanged meaningful conversations face to face.  We greeted each other as if it was only yesterday that we were in high school, preparing to graduate and going off our different paths.   Have we really changed all these decades? Except for a few wrinkles and grey hairs, we shared our life's challenges and discover more similarities than differences.   But the best was  bonding over food, stories and future reunions at this stage in our lives.

Apple trees are heavy with green fruits and because we know how sour it can be, no one gathers the apples.  Most of them are falling on the grass, bruised and browning for the birds and insects.   Early evenings are now cooler as the sun shimmers over veiled clouds, setting earlier than yesterday.

sun is gold-masked coin
behind grey clouds - crickets sound -
echoes of the past

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Summer of wildfires

i bottle a lightning
swallow sleeping pills
over mushroom of dark clouds
questions flare in my head
stroked by fire coals 
on summer night
i salt my lungs
amidst flashing siren & neon lights
into slumbering waters
i slip away
scattered dust and pollen
fragile is a seed
burnt raw - in the inside

burnt-raw in the inside
fragile seeds,
scattered dust and pollen
slipping away
into slumbering waters
amidst flashing siren & neon lights
i salt my lungs
on summer night
stroked by fire coals 
questions flare in my  head
i, mushroom of dark clouds?
or unswallowing sleeping pills
i, bottle of lightning?

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Monday, August 13, 2018


this emptiness
then swallow salt
as small bones froth with decay 
one last look

i let go {body}
box of sorrow  
after 17 days and 1,6000 km
sinks to ocean depths

i surface where my sisters
are frolicking in the dying days
of summer

Posted for dVerse Poets pub - Quadrille, hosted by De Jackson.   This is a 44 word post with the chosen word - BOX. This is inspired by news of the mother orca letting go of her baby calf after 17 days in British Columbia, Canada.    

Monday, August 6, 2018

Haibun: Peace Memorial

My father told us stories about the World War II when Imperial Japan occupied the Philippines (1942-1945) and he and his family retreated into hiding in the far south, away from the city.  My grandfather worked as a spy for the Americans and being half-American, he was easily the target of the enemy.      

My mom's family on the other hand, had to burn their house.  A lot of houses were actually burned as they did not want the Japanese army to use them.   Those years were difficult as normal life came at a standstill and treachery was met with instant death by bayonet. Cruelty to citizens and lack of respect for women were the norm as evidenced by stories of comfort women.  So when the Japanese surrendered and left the Philippines, everyone rejoiced in the streets.  

Radio news would later on reveal the details of the full horrors of war and victory over Japan.  Freedom came with a price.   

i light a candle
for all war's dead - victims, soldiers-
ashen clouds linger-

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Frozen glass (2)

Snowstorm poured - daggers -
Out{side} my window, a silver chandelier
Dripping dry ice >>  flawless as paragon  <<

Above ebony trees, the moon hides

< fat cheeks > slice of beauty -
Wind rides a black pillar this night
Wrapping [dead things] in resin & 
                                   //layers// of glass

I wait..... not for the thaw of snow 

But for the     << shattering >> 
Slow motion of loop  { arc of force } 

After my long guilty confession

My fingerprints stained of grease
I am caught inside this urn  { honed by fever } 
Encased in this   >nebula of darkness<

Light, [he stops me], shimmers bet-

            ween / / cracks 
The scars -- you carry never occurred 
but in your << heart << heart <<

Originally written here

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