Thursday, December 14, 2023

make it a sweet salad

let's make a fruit salad

as sweet as a ballad

specially when paired with a flan

so get a large tropical fruit cocktail can

& drain fruits with a strainer from its juice

this can take time like a noose  

on a big blanket, but this is key

to make this salad creamy, not soggy peas

in a bowl, combine fruits with all-purpose cream

and sweetened condensed milk (half of your dream)

merrily, you add more color & zest-

mix in peaches, cheeries - fruitfest 

how about corn kernels & tapioca pearls

added in, to make your feet twirl & swirl

measure to your stomach's delight,

chill & serve as a dessert, so bright

Note:   Our Christmas holiday is not complete without a fruit salad as our cold dessert.  There are many variations but the basics remained the same - drained fruit cocktail with cream and sweetened condensed milk.   Here is one.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

wish list for december


i can sit here all day

flipping around in my tuxedo

suit until i am blue

with all of my crew

i do not need a jolly man 

with a red coat of fur & felt

to bring joy & cheers

i am fine as bundled blanket

but if you insist on gifting me

here is my wish list:

krills, squids & fishes-

and i will dance

dance with my happy feet

Credit:   Jay Ruzesky

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Monday, December 11, 2023

the "real" Christmas trees

sky is a mirror

snow-dredged, grey-stained

by sleet & salt

december breezes 

stiff cold as bone-dry wheat stalks

maple trees are leafless

while pine and spruce trees are needled-thick

unadorned, uncut & crowned

by winter stars


[I wish I could send you one]

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