Thursday, July 30, 2020

slow dance

frayed daffodil leaves
thirsting under summer sun-
orange cardinals hop

among the brambles,
cones & wilting rose bushes-
wild bunnies stop

wary of red fox
& coyotes lurking about-
sky- dragon of clouds

i hold 
spring bulbs for fall's planting-
sunset fades- slow dance

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

good morning

a scratch, then tip-tap by the bedroom window
pair of chickadees settles on my red tiled roof
soft as pitter-patter of rain on summer day
then the curious bird, perches just outside my frame
a few seconds, our eyes meet & he flies away
gifting me with bubbling smile to start my day

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020


my skin is earth & my language is wild
drum beats on your ears

for so long, you saw me 
as mere graffiti on 
your white pristine walls

scribbling questions on your legal
documents & laws,
you sought to banish me to
obscurity & extinction 

but i am
more than just statistic on your sheet
more than just label on your coat & tagline

my time is coming as sure as sun rises
my voice will multiply into sky of exaltations

a havoc of street protests
a hurricane of workers & passionate folks pushing
for inclusion, equality, freedom & acceptance

i am the idea 
whose time has come & you cannot 
turn  away

                 from me

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Unmasked, I am

i am unfurled leaf of unpublished book
my verses kited in clouds, imperfect meter 
i peer through half opened windows of houses as
if i am reading diaries & dissecting poems 
my thumbs are green now after being house bound
as my indoor plants & herbs, counting each new
root as if i am new mother, not a soon-to-be empty nester
during winter, i cover myself in peat moss &
lock away my thirst & my thirsty roots
my affirmation is spring, my music is summer
i want to join a sisterhood of chocolate lovers 
i will gladly hug you in a bubbled curtain with latex gloves 

though i have limbered numbers in excel spreadsheets
unmasked, i am sonneteer coaxing beats out of air

Grace @ Begonia Rex

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For today's MTB, compose a poem using “I am…” with a First Person narrative in any part of your verse.  Go experimental and creative with your “I am” poem.

In expressing our “I am” poems, I encourage you to go beyond the usual descriptions of “I am” (a brother, sister, friend, citizen) and go experimental and creative with your “I am” poem. Think inanimate object, animal or groups of animals, planets and inter-galactic travel, streets, cities, plant, tree, or weekday or month or year, or even pandemic terminology.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

the stigmata of waiting

i sit where i have been
sitting for the last 2 weeks

in the ICU
visitor's chair, a hard & unyielding stone

you are on the hospital bed
pricked, tubes on your veins, only your lips
are silently moving in prayer

a nurse breezes in, with pills & monitor 
& I lift my head to see
if some flicking light has changed your eyes
or your limbs moved /heartbeat/

but you are so still
broken doll
as if all the words & winds in your lungs have left
as if your spine is soft clay
as your pale hands clutches a rosary
& gold banner of faith, a gift from a friend  

a reminder that the sun is pelting sunshine
outside of this curtained sterile room
i keep watch
... of nothing really ...
just keeping time until our mom comes back
from the bank & grocery shopping  

i eat 
my doubts inwardly
because I know you have been weeping
& ranting about the last month of your confinement

there is heavy sound
at the pit of my belly, wailing
of anguish, crying of missed diagnoses,
seeds of hopelessness grow despite my words

of encouragement to you
we both know that every day is folding fast
into shadows, frightening to utter:
road of no return
i pray for mercy
unthinkable ending & begin-
ning, in whatever form this may be

(i am sorry
i have to leave soon)

mom arrives, carrying 
your pain & sacrifices
so proudly, she is light you turn to
every time death 
checks in at night

February 2018.   This poem has been in my draft but I finally finished and published this for our 8th anniversary celebration.  A sad story but after 1 month of my sister's death in April, my first grandson was born.  Life goes on.

Posted for dVerse Poetics, 8th anniversary celebration with our special guest host, Brian Miller at 3pm EST.   He tells us to capture a moment in our verse.   

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Monday, July 13, 2020

i'm drinking watermelon juice

Sunday afteroon is pouring hot sauce 

         over the charred skin of grilled chicken 

sky is tender blue, rolling fluffy doughs of clouds 

         with hint of playful rain, at bay

i love this season of wilting blooms and and cantalouped-

         cheeked sun, wrinkling my face

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Happy 8th year Anniversary dVerse Poets Pub!!!