Thursday, December 16, 2021



With my thick mittens & woollen socks,

I settle to read your letters, warm

as redbush tea, toasted sweet corn bread

You bring spark, skylight, sugar bush smells

Gloomy rain clouds blur in festive hues

I become playful child, curious as snail

and I thank you, this morning* (again)

*Inspired by poem by David Whyte in Blessings

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub:   Poetry form of Kwansaba & Blessings

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!  See you on January 3, 2022.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

A pill for amentalio in winter


between the hours of mid-

night and dawn,

sad thoughts float in the etherness

between the lines of stories

sentiments surge with violet beats

tiding low, a murmuration

of black birds skimming 

just above the dotted water line

i am caught in kenopsia, weathered

wings in stillness

my tongue tied in heartspur of

ticking white clock

i drift into a starlone of fathomless

quietude, a cycle of dreaming

and undreaming-

i am nameless, ageless

convinced that i am swirling

into lisolia limbo

shrugging away craxis of pixelled

gravity screens & instant gratification from


between light and darkness

make this wave in my mind

a weave with the universe

a thread to break away from aphasia

a matter to soothe the aftergloom

that even with my excelled tinselled fingers,

i can still long to be that comet

hurling headlong in blazing dust

[to where]

a heartmoor

i know it is there

its there

[we are here]

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Monday, December 13, 2021

saturday's weathertide


we make merry of gloom

        -holiday songs-

        -folding cards with red-bowed



but howling wind shakes   

trees with vengence

for some minutes,

         -lights were out-

all house's hollows, nooks

lost its s     





bleeding into darkness

         -our eyes fog, blind-

but for half-moon  

    glittering silverblue

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Quadrille, hosted by Mish.  This is a 44 word poem with the chosen word, TINSEL. Thanks for your visit and comments.