Sunday, December 29, 2013

Haiku: The bamboo forest

This photo of Arashiyama is courtesy of TripAdvisor
 Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama, Japan

gentle sway of breeze
brush of bamboo leaves - music
strings the night in gold


above lantern lights
moon sparkles like diamond,
beating steadfast heart


my mother tells me:
grow upright like a bamboo
& nourish your sons

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Thursday, December 26, 2013


Late afternoon sun 
breaks through the grey. 

Bare trees coated in ice sparkle like stars. 

Luminous crystals.  Shower of diamond glass.   

     Silver trees.       Silver branches.       Silver salt.       

Soon the moon will  dawn its  silvery light. 

        The landscape is drowning in silver tears.        

Or maybe its my eyes watering from

seeing you for the 
first time. 

 After the Ice Storm 
Frozen Birch Tree by Positively Riveting

55 Silvery Words for the G-Man~
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas after the ice storm

Picture by good friend, Fred Villacorta
Ontario, Canada

Under canopy
Icicles drip from bare trees
Slowly like tear drops


Snow falling like rain 
Drenches red bows & pine cones-
Ice sugar on cake

This Christmas season -  
The best gift of all- your love
unwrapped through the years

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter tanka

Outside my window
smoky clouds veil the full moon
        to fading star light     
but snow falls whitening ground
        to a thousand lit candles   



A truck rattles by
salting the road wrapped in frost 
        Above window's edge
        crystals drip slow thin daggers
Morning melts like ice cream cone  


Houses are skull capped
with thin ice crystals  
Trees twist under bed of snow 
    Morning paints everything white   
    but for dead leaves, amber framed - 

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

A tribute to Nelson Mandela

Do not stand by my grave & grieve
I'm not here, wrapped in leopard skin
I am where the wind blows cruelest
So my words will scatter like grains  

Ripening land of corn & fruits 
Do not stand by my grave & grieve
I'm not here, draped in flag honors
I am where the night reigns darkest 

Burning candles beacon for peace
After slaughtering the ox, feast
Do not stand by my grave & grieve
I'm not here, blessed in holy water

I am where sky blues grass field 
And sun browns our faces with joy
Sing & dance in celebration
Do not stand by my grave & grieve

Beloved Father of Freedom, 
We bid you Farewell Madiba!

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Poetry form:   Quartern
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all ~

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Light the candles

Grace @ Everyday Amazing

Amidst darkening sky 
Cold wind cracks a whip
Rousing black birds to flee
Fluted ash, billowing wings- 
Arc of silver from street lights 


Snow dust spinning threads
white on white, soft as feathers-
inside, we wax stories:  old, new
beside brick chimney
  fire settles in our bellies   

Early morning mass
I listen to choir in red bows  
Incense fills the air      
Your words are my candle
Banishing winter darkness 

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

In praise

I lift my hands
Above shadows of broken things
I lift my hands
When days empty colors like sands
And every word arrives to sting
I reach for dawn, rising like spring
I lift my hands

Poetry form:   Rondelet- Seven lines with rhyme scheme of AbAabbA.

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I have used Jennifer MacNeill's photo and you can see more of her work at  her website HERE and flicker page HERE
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

At the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

She descends
a beehive strangling 

                                    the air  

Looking for her tarts
3 cranberry pies or was it stones             

Her hands pluck mercilessly  
cake pieces away from our plates        

Tea cups shake as
her words reduce men to frogs 

                                    witless, shrunk peas     

She is The Red Queen  
filled with venom laced passion for a crown

To keep atop bouffant head
Inflamed by dry season,  she orders be-      

                                    heading of flowers   

Unsmiling, crooked 
shadows pall over advent bright table 

Under constricted neck  
Her head swells larger than blue whale 

She breeds foes
from her inward suspicious mind

But unmasked, an imposter of hearts        
Small as pitted seed, a crone than Queen     
Eyes glinting mad  
she waits for my fingers

                                   to snap

Process Notes:   This is inspired by a real character in our office who tried to unsuccessfully discredit my work record on Friday to our managers. She gathered all my files "of mistakes" which were actually minor errors due to the sheer volume of work I do. After getting all the information, management sided with me and deemed her attitude and actions not conducive to team spirit & accomplishing our goals.   All I can say is if your heart is full of evil thoughts and negative energy, it backfires on you.   
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The gift

When first light of dawn
Pinks the lotus blossoming
Above muddy waters
Leaves swaddled in dew, open
     I rise, gifted with new eyes    

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Happy to be done with studies and writing again ~  Smiles ~