Thursday, March 29, 2018

I hear birdsongs

Grey clouds cover morning sky
Palest of white, misting eyes
Searching for seeds & spring buds
We walk slow on greasy mud


She is thin, pared to the bones
Her voice, faint as ghost's whisper
I wish she sees sun-licked blooms
Outside room,  waving at her

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cloudy with rain showers

sprinkle me with raindrops-
i am new

sunshine eyes, tulip-pale

swishing my skirts, i bring out 
dancing shoes

with my umbrella, i'm 
skipping thru rain

dandy with daffodils-
i grin -   spring!!

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Poetics - Sunny-Side Up, Hosted by Lillian.  Theme:  Think young, take the energy of the spring season and think fun, new life, possibilities. Sunny side up, everyone. For this prompt, I have selected 1 image from the batch.   
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Monday, March 26, 2018

eggs for spring breakfast

dawn is whipping up sky in 
bluesy pink hues

in my sleep, i hear birdsongs &
squirrels chasing away shadows

and egging me to rise
flinging away the lingering winter chill

and push my tiny green fingertip up-
a spring bud above cold soil

Credit:  here

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Into Infinity

when night turns my bones to rust
and my wanderlust heart rolls away-
obliterate me into stardust

that i may see the light of million mirrors 
without beginnings or endings
stretching into corridors of infinity

 Aftermath Of Obliteration Of Eternity
Y. Kusama, Infinity Mirrors Exhibit
Art Gallery of Toronto

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Soul searching

i urge myself

be a candle wick
not a wax

my compass point is here,
there, everywhere

under the night sea of stars
or the open field of grassland

my journey is not over
my bowl is not filled
with answers

but with thorns and fallen
i love my womanhood- 
i pin a note: 
walk your own pace
and define your own season-

i urge myself

be a grain
of plenty, of solidarity

i join my prayers with you
bead upon bead
of comfort, solace, hope
threading under our skin
a mosaic of belongness
a colorful blanket, stitched with
our different stories

this temple is ours
in this home, i am corner-
stone, like my mother is,
like my grandmother was-

i urge myself

be a raindrop
into a sea of change

my future - welcoming
possibilities, with open palms

my past - sealed  
in a box, marked - forgiven
and dropped off-

my present - breathing 
the winter air is cold wine
pouring & bubbling last hurrah-
aware of spring's approaching

i urge myself 

be a seed 
in this garden of life

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Women, be fierce!

My hands are a keeper of words that stays
green as spring.  Even when autumn sits
curled beyond my reach, I'm content to play
with spinning wheel.   I gather all my wits
to seed:   fire, mustard & apples. What fits
doesn't always happen as I tangle with dark comedy.
I am a weaver who stitches and flits
sad corners, cutting away the tragedy.
Underneath the labor of tiny leaves, I eye
waning hours to inhale solitude.  Though I smart   
from the toil and burdens, I don't cry.
We women are embroidered with an open heart.

Sun holds our faces as chalices.   Don't moan

our past nor fate.   We are not cast in stone.

Posted for OpenLinkNight - dVerse poets Pub - I reposted this poem (Bout Rimes poetry form)  in celebration of the International Women's Day today !    Cheers!!!!! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


In this box
are my gems 

rings and necklaces
of w o r d s
and   w o r d s 
unbounded and sloppy
and more  w o r d s
dear from my bosom, knotted
with care

remember me
with kindness 
when you see whiff of 
flying cotton c u r l

and at night
when you look up and see
pearl of the  m o o n-

i am right here with you

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Letter to dead roses

Dear Dead Roses,

Don't dance just yet
This warmth and sheen of gold
is just false spring
in the middle of winter season

Shake off those dead fur  
and your thorns-
they have lost their sting-

Don't fidget and sigh
spring will be here soon
garnishing green thumbs 
and roaring with the ocean
of rain   

Forget your old lovers,
and burrow deep beneath your darkness -
your seeds are counting bees 
your roots are raking new soil

Pure beauty
you are, flowering in sun's abundance

Sleep well in the perfume of snow.

Your Neighbors,

Quarreling Squirrels

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