Proofreading and Copy Editing Services

Need help with your letter, report or paper?  

I offer proofreading and copy editing services.  I charge either by page (250 to 300 words per page) or the entire project.

You may think you need a proofreader but your work actually requires a copy edit. Rates for copy editing are higher and again, depend on the kind of intervention required.

Proofreading fixes the surface errors and perfects good writing
Corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation and typos
Checks page numbers are consecutive and running headers and footers are correct
Ensures consistency of spelling, hyphenation and formatting
Cross checks chapter titles/pages/footnotes
Ensures a publication ready document.

Copy editing improves the quality of writing within the context of its purpose and audience
Corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation and typos
Enhances language use via vocabulary, tone and expression
Checks tense, syntax and sentence structure
Eliminates repetition, redundancy and ambiguity
Improves style and impact
Ensures clarity and succinctness so your writing has maximum impact.

If you’re satisfied with the quality of your writing then proofreading will suffice. But if you feel there are issues with your writing that could do with some reevaluation and rewriting, then copy editing is the service for you.

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Thank you.