Monday, September 24, 2018

autumn's sky

you crease the sky
into periwinkle cornflower

hold the raindrops & dew
scent of apples & pumpkins

into pot of autumn amber,
soup for my cold feet

harbor me here, until
my wings grow steady,

glinting bold black with orange streaks  
winking under sun

Wild Sunflowers, Everyday Amazing

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Farewell to summer

End of summer strips the colors from 
         crumpled petals, 
         headless shrubs, 
         fallen goose feathers 

I won't tear
over your leaving-

         You'll settle, 
a bookmarked page- 
itching my nostrils with tulips, 
and bluebells chimed by rain  

Burning heat will soon give way to shredding
of trees, decaying of leaves, ripening of fruits

           I swell with gladness, better now
in understanding the degrees 
                              of seasonal changes-  
spearing my sadness at bay-   

The sun always spill
            your laughter 
            over darkening garden
                                with decisive strokes
            over coming winter slopes
                                with luminous stillness

and over my words
           streaking your wild yellow

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

a note to myself

of what good this is, if you don't take chances
put yourself out there- you are more than 
quintessential frame, your quirky quotes
resound the room with your sass and humor
splash your face with autumn's vibrant hues-
this day, you step away from shadows

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Autumn gardening

we trim rose bushes,
yellow perennials
cutting quickly heads & half-
bitten leaves

into paper bags we weigh
down branches, fallen petals
pressing all the lungs of summer
into one silent book

(autumnal inhale)
we divide the sun
leaving the wind to pocket

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

(i) click

my eyes dream of tea cups
with cranberry spice,
goji berries and red dates

as subway train zips and thuds
with familiarity along
wheels, bumps, skids, tracks

city stations are chimes of bells
as tunnel doors click, clack
and announcements reel, pause

no more do i fret, shudder
or tarry but sleep through all the
chatter and clutter of train commute

outside, the sun sets off
in raspberry and orange hues
our daily departures, green-timed

by swiping of shiny cards
cocooned in our pockets-
{silence yawns...stretches 2 secs} 

boom !!!!  blast of sounds zoom in,     i   
walk outside the station
where raindrops are murmuring 

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Morning walks

Morning weaves rumpled threads of grey and blue across the sky.  Clouds are clumps of cotton and velvet, stiching sunlight in muted hues.  I inhale the fresh tang of dew and pine needles.   My shoes crunch the pebbles as I begin the descent to the creek and small bridge.  The maple leaves have started to fray on the edges and some trees are showing tints of orange char.   I spotted browning leaves on the grass, the first of many in autumn's slow waltz with the wind.   

two brown geese forage 
on shallow tides, ribbed by wild
flowers yellowed  - summer -   

Sunflowers, Jerusalem Artichoke 

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