Thursday, April 28, 2022



i trace the moon's face with ink

darkness & starlight

- a stunning flower, a pearl-

thank you moon

i gather the blue from the sky,

the unburdened flights of gulls & 

serenity of murmuring tides-

thank you lake

i click & tap on black keyboards

my hands are busy bees

hopping & gliding along excel sheets-

thank you work colleagues

i read the words of dead poets

as yellow daffodils rise & bloom (again)                     

as birdsongs fill the air (again)     

thank you garden        

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Monday, April 18, 2022

the night on chalkboard

let's red-chalk the sky

with celestial wings of dragonfire

let's stamp the trees

with blizzard of star lights

let's singe the garden air

with cumin and tumeric

the words roll-choke around my mouth

then spill

magical spells 

on flamingo legs,

rocketing to the moon

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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

one day

the sky will be a mushroom of blue butterfly wings

the ground will be tallowed with yellow pollen

the trees will be needled with green & pines

the streets will be lively with music

the buildings will be festooned with flags & kites

the church bells will peal with gladness

you will sing again with nightingales

dancing in your yellow skirts & teal hat

relish the family meal of beet soup with garlic bread

i will tally the days with light lamp

and jelly beans in my jar

keeping faith

the sun will keel the broken sails

and rise above the long shadows of grief, dust & dire

dappled light,

at the end of this tunnel, awaits you

Artist:   Vika Muse

“Freedom” – 
This artwork was made due to the hope, that we have the light at the end and the name of this light – is the Victory. That we will survive and rebuild our country.

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We are getting inspiration for our words from Vika Muse.  Thanks for the comments and visits. 

Monday, April 4, 2022

the paradox of the changing clocks

minute hand moves 

forward, but escape wheel

is stuck

-tiny buds wilt in tail of winter's breath-

-leaves shiver-shrink from false

spring's embrace-

grip this season 

of becoming

as the blossoming earth

peels back

-dead skin-

-mourning dress coats-

we thirst for life


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