Thursday, November 24, 2022

a feast (a list)


my nostrils filled with spicy chicken soup, my fingers warmed by buttered bread

a foggy morning, clouds on my head, dewdrops on my feet

an upbeat R&B music, soft humming of appliances in the house

a winter blue plate, oiled by spices, white painted over cracks

the hush of the room, mess of clothes & accessories, smell of soap & towels

bare garden, a pot of spring seeds, soggy splayed summer leaves

an empty page of the book, unanswered questions, hanging conversation

the silence of trees & birds, scattered fallen leaves, broken flower shrubs

slow drip of melting winter ice, fading sunlight on walls, faint sounds of laughter

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Thursday, November 3, 2022


creeps in, a foggy morning

a blur of maple & birch

leaves are falling into heap

weaving colorful & soft bed

do you recall the burning

fires of dawn, or the time we

went bazaar shopping for cheap

clothes, munching on sugar bread

but your face is blank, warning

me that your memories are

sliding into deeper sleep-

this is something we long dread-

in overcoming mourning

you forget - life is now - leap!

           Autumn leaves                    

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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

travel note - dear sis (aug 1963-april 2018)


red hibiscus by the gate opens up

to the morning sun, each petal surging

with glorious energy

the house remains the same

as if you and Dad are still here

your photos, your clothes, travel albums,

Dad's electronic gadgets & records 

still litter the shelves & tables

its hard to believed it has been more 

than 4 years, with the graves (yours & Dad's)

carefully tended

with yellow bells and red flowers, and grass-

i see that the cemetary is being spruced up for

the visitors who will clog the markers & graves

with candles & prayers in remembrance

of the dead on Nov. 1

the tradition is to travel and visit 

with flowers, food, stories & merriment 

laughter will be heard

as it is

indeed a celebration

of happy memories

of friends and family connections

i came to visit quietly and briefly

your travel mementos are still gracing the walls 

your prayer inspired frames are still set up in the bathroom

your Zen-inspired garden outside the bedroom is thriving

though we are all moving on

we remember you and Dad with love

This is a follow up post to my original post titled, may you see field of tulips on your journey.

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