Thursday, July 30, 2015

While waiting to die

Her weakened voice's a half whisper
But she's got eagle's eyes- 
Each day, her accounting fingers  
labelled, folded, parceled, incised

All her worldly possessions- clothes
Piled neatly by seasons
Shoes, boxed along with bags & hats,
Jewels--not for grievance-- 

She's a rose, darkly burnt,  ashes
Smoldering of last fire
Her body hears death's baritone
Yet she's busy- here, there - 

                                               Photography by Ars Thanea

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I have learned that my daughter in law's 89 year old grandmother has been giving away her things and properties, upon learning that she is in the last stage of cancer.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Moving on, In tune with nature

Photography by Joni Niemelä

A black raven nosedives from top branches 
A bird preening its red-silk feathers
A squirrel stirring tree's deep pockets
A cluster of green pine cones unveiling
A velvet ball of floating milkweed pods 
A spider climbing potted vase's neck
A pink tongue of leashed dog
A fire-ant's steady march up the boulder
A butterfly's quickening leaps above lilacs 
A flowering of late afternoon
As sun tucks in billowing skirts of clouds
Sky dusts away the jet's white smoke arc 
Unfolding the waxing gibbous moon 
Altering the worn-brown cityscape
I begin a new canvas 
As I watch the night's calm arrival 
nourished with mystery

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Two trains, two worlds

I commute to the city, considered the hub
of financial world, by riding the Toronto rocket 
Its metallic hiss
long spine measuring 6 cars, fully opened
rapidly follows the tracks
Cool, clean & modern
with computer generated lights & voice over
Commuters carry gadgets, phones & games
All polite & courteous
Though once in a while, a shirtless man
breaks the chained monotony
& dances carefree as
blue butterfly

The lake beside tower
shimmers blue of summer -
Swans burst, pure of light

Back in the old town, the train
is a workhorse
piping wearily along mud-tracks
You ride along with
boxes of produce (rice & vegetables)
animals in cages (pigs & chickens to be slaughtered)
baskets of fresh fish & shells
It is noisy
Smelling of sweat & musky earth
Dirt seeps into your skin  
& you pray that it will not break down
before your destination.

Sun browns your face
while palm trees keep snatching 
to play with your straw hat 

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Picture credit:   here

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Of grace & poise

She moves effortlessly
as a flower
bright orange red
with petal cups holding 
rain water & dew
bearing a thousand seed pods
to be carried away by wind, 
birds & bats.   

She balances each day
with children
with household chores
with nature's remedies
with a crown lighter than
basket of food on her head.


                                   Mayan Indian woman carrying basket on her head  by Robert Crum
Picture credit:   here

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

My philosophy of thoughts

Artist:   James R. Eads

I carefully tuck in a box
the heirlooms of my grandmother
& mother:
South sea pearl brooch
& words of wisdom:  
Invest in education,
& work hard

Moon is a pied piper, calling dreams awake & follow his music.

I believe in positive thoughts
& attracting enriching events
& life-embracing experiences
while accepting my fears
& disappointments

My hands are potter's hands, shaping clay to cups, cups to pots, pots to urns.       

I am mindful of my thoughts
where they drift
like fallen autumn leaves
where they pool & sink
on dead end street
where they echo & resound 
the future that is yet to be

Black raven swoops her hungry claws on dead baby bird, balled white as pearl.  

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What I found after more than halfway on my journey

Artist:  Cecilia Levy

I love the tropical sun on my arms,
ice-cream & walking to be alone with my thoughts-

Restless water under the bridge folds & refolds the face of the moon.

I line up the words in my head, neatly stacked-

Catapult, sting, deadly intentions- which one will jump first off the wall?    

I am a needle, finding my thread & safety hooks 
      & beads of blessings

Cup is half-full, awaiting for this girl's heart, to turn it upside down.  

But look closer, I am a thread unfurling 
      I am a sapling rising, fingers wet with summer rain -


My Word List:   sun, ice-cream, bridge, cup is half-full, words,  rain

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Sunday, July 12, 2015


at our feet

Time is the black milk 
we drink 
& night

Our skin hammers 
hard walls 
seeking water &
adding petals

Sun flares
bloody red, hot oilseeds
on ground

One blindman's word above leaded sky:


Picture credit:    here

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