Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Be true

leaves wither and fall  
wherever is your journey
be true to yourself


this above all, love    
yourself despite your flaws, sins,   
you are beautiful       

pictured credit:   here


  1. Just stick out your claws and no one will notice your flaws..haha...true words indeed.

  2. ah, that's true grace.. well daone..

    I am here:


  3. Well done -- I like the image you chose to accompany it. We should learn to love us as we are ... we are unique, and no one else is like us ... within ourselves, we are irreplaceable. We were sent to this earth to accomplish something specific only to us, no one else.

    Very nice, Grace!

  4. Christ once said: Love yourself to love your neighbor. Unconditional love is the strength to relief the world from bad things and bring peace to Mother Earth.

    Nice one.

  5. 'this above all, love
    yourself despite your flaws, sins,
    you are beautiful'


  6. just amazing :) self belief is all matters to conquer the mountain

  7. "this above all, love
    yourself despite your flaws, sins,
    you are beautiful"

    This is what most of us fail to do and we end up depressed!
    A very nice set of haiku and a perfect picture to accompany it. :)

  8. I'm feeling a bit like a withered leaf this morning, but I will choose to be true to the greenness still within me.

    Self, Be True

  9. We should love ourselves despite all our greatness and shortcomings.. Unconditionally .. That's the. Key to happiness ..

  10. 'be true to yourself' true we have to.. and above all we have to love ourself a lot.. Loved your take on the prompt..

    Someone is Special


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