Thursday, December 15, 2016

5 Pieces on Peace

Peace is a red 
I slip on 
a rainy night

Peace is a kettle 
whistling steam & tea
as snow outside
heavily coats
pine and maple trees

Peace is a cheap pen
I scribble
on corners of free metro paper
with words
without syntax

Peace is a wet rug
I clean
the walls
riddled with bullets
the floor
red with broken bones

Peace is a paring knife
cleaving away the skin
and bones of history 
only the seeds remain
to be scattered
by the birds

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

6 Pieces of Time

I.    time is a water jug
      i forget
      in a corner

II.    time is a feather
       cold, stripped from bone-
       but warm as lilac ribbed-blanket
       on your chest

III.   time is a clay
       molding me 
       until i learn 
       to unmold myself  

IV.   time is a lull 
       between raindrops
       the pause, between letters
       and musical notes
       as my mind wanders
       in ink, brush and pottery tool

V.    time is the missing
       eye, ear or finger 
       i lost in the journey
       i may never retrieve it
       but if i ever do,  
       i will carry it
       into the dusk

VI.   time is a tango
       with you-
       always with you-

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Monday, December 12, 2016

A Winter Night

the moon is half drum as night unspools threads of velvet.  i love to watch the blue hour of sunset and inhale the fragrance of pines.  tonight, i cannot go outside as its below zero and very chilly.   last friday, after my hubby and i had dinner at the vietnamese restaurant, i saw an old man with full beard of white.   he is homeless from the way he carried paper bags of stuff.   he also looked unkempt and struggled to walk along the sidewalk. above, the sky was an endless map, empty of stars.  when I last glanced back at the old man, he has disappeared in the cold night. 

fresh snow on browning leaves-
dusk comes charging, a grey horse
belching clouds of white

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Monday, December 5, 2016

These scars of mine

They are wells 
with tulip's skin   

not welts from  
reckless kettle-burns 
nor winter-slashes
on black mirrored ice
and not splintered-stones

you say:   
my memories are treacherously 

but inside this battle-weary heart
I keep a  
purse of scars
& stars writhing (still) 

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Half moon in November

                                                         Grace@Everyday Amazing

my bony fingers
searched for your shoulder of green
under the half-sliced moon
but instead I tasted bittersweet
tang of the first snow flurries
pared by November's howling wind-

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