Thursday, April 23, 2020

for curbside delivery

under the wave of writing
fog, i set an alarm:   to persuade
invisible enemies in
Stalin's Court of Red Tsar,
the spies in Hitler's inner circle
seeking Allah,
finding Jesus

what are 7 secrets of persuasion?
I turn to the African Samurai
for answers
he, black warrior
is silent
truth is best served, with starving mouth

My hubby's books

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020


my hair
bathed in snake's oil under pink moon
my skin
a blasphemy of brine
from slaughtered bones & tusks
watch me
glide wearing the red
crown of destruction

count your hours
because i will smother your every
weigh your coins & fancy
clothes because i will empty every
streets & buildings you have polka-stamped
your name

i will slither-slit
lungs of your weakest lot & then
i will come for

the death-song
pealing in your marbled churches-
the nightmare-beast
clawing your heart to stillness-

you own nothing
in this plague of war
but a mote of dust
leave me
until my very own children

& kill me

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Monday, April 6, 2020

waiting for the curve to flatten (& fall) --->

pair of chickadees 
are busy
building nest of twigs 
daffodil shoots are opening 
to sunshine, dewy-eyed 

our windows are closed 
 - shoes boxed - jackets folded -  
tucked away 
as house becomes 
 - fortress - 

we hide here, 
counting cases  
 - fatalities/country -
with gloves
 - masked -

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