Sunday, August 31, 2014


Kelly Letky

when the moon rises from sea in silver blaze & catches you crossing
the fragile bridge from girl to woman

when each paper you hold gives you fine bladed cuts at the same spot,
& door that you want to close keeps losing its key

when the clock refuses to move its hands when northern & southern
wind squares off in sky & you are torn which road to leap into 

when i fret too much of unborn words too long
i turn off the voices around me, dive under the flood and let it run free

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Two masks

daylight stitches your face unmoved by wheels
tar-washed by city's million clicking heels
you look for a summer bouquet to melt
this metallic mask to jade, soft as teal 


Artist:  Dale Dunning

the night is a trigger, itching for key
to peel the mask away as bony tree
what price did the fat moon exact from you?
not pearls but your bare heart, black-steeped in tea

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Neon minted, dance of starlight
descending in flare of simplicity
descending in boat of storm
a temple fiery with language, pales

in the stampede, the deluge
dins and palpates, churning of jar tombs.
Rising, the sea breaks ground, 
recipient of dead flowers.

Pollinated with pesticide 
in pregnant pauses & throes
cats twisting in gold dust 
merrily dancing in their skin.

Neck to groin, clad in vintage
sea is ochre, orgasming in cove
sea knows time raws all 
to nettles, pieces, vacancies.  

Neon minted, dance of starlight
descending in flare of simplicity
descending in boat of storm
a temple fiery with language, pales

in vision, intricate rim roaring
late evening into pools of aurora 
padding to center of fire 
this sea - where nothing stays still.    

This is my own interpretation from this cryptic poem provided by Marina:

Ne-om aminti cândva târziu
de-aceasta întâmplare simpla,
de-aceasta banca unde stam
tâmpla fierbinte lânga tâmpla.

De pe stamine de alun,
din plopii albi, se cerne jarul.
Orice-nceput se vrea fecund,
risipei se deda Florarul.

Polenul cade peste noi,
în preajma galbene troiene
alcatuieste-n aur fin
Pe umeri cade-ne si-n gene.

Ne cade-n gura când vorbim,
si-n ochi, când nu gasim cuvântul.
Si nu stim ce pareri de rau
ne tulbura, piezis, avântul.

Ne-om aminti cândva târziu
de-aceasta întâmplare simpla,
de-aceasta banca unde stam
tâmpla fierbinte lânga tâmpla.

Visând, întrezarim prin doruri -
latente-n pulberi aurii –
paduri ce ar putea sa fie
si niciodatã nu vor fi.

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Photo credit:   Colossal Blog

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Upon finding a map of endless possibilities

A labyrinth
grew under her breast bone
warping her memories
weaved of yellow flowers
whose center arcs to sun's gaze 

Time unraveled
thread upon thread of palest grey
no needle could stitch
back where & how it started-
she was lost ship in deep wide sea

As wind cloaked the night
stone-washed, silted with weeds-
she saw the stars
dotting the sky silver keys
lighting a diamond-shaped map

Beginning with her face
redrawing & stitching 
her arms & legs, calligraphy on
canvas expanding with each breath -

She never felt lost again

Artist:   Hinke Schreuders

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rain walk

you are walking on air
between raindrops
feasting on changing colors
of leaves, one heartbeat
at a time
as one black umbrella opens
up after another

“Follow me”
says your guts
this is the path
you want to cut out
for yourself:  dream-chaser

oxygen rushes to your lungs
knife-winding & halo-storming
like that first time you flew
kite to crown the sky

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Of paper wings

there is a road map
your eyes are searching

underneath white starched shirt
is your wild heart

no one hears it but you
pulsing river tide

hungry for smell of freedom
wide-angled as blue vein sky

and when the night
fragments your chest to water 

ask the bird for feather bone

ask the moon for verdant light

somewhere a corn stalk is ripening in its time 
you have wings

paper-light, fashioned out of tiny scars
the mirror doesn't show it

but you are beautifully 
made, always 

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Two triquian


These pages
unravel a knot, blue
storm underneath ink & silver lines.
I tether on metal, waiting for perfect sage
to point me my journey, foot by foot
But all I hear is wind

August Sky

clouds dust my skin opaque 
chattering endlessly until i 
hush them to slide into moonlight arabesques. 
cold snaps last summer blooms as i write
away.  words, they keep me 
from drowning.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Sticky sweet as hand-rolled rice cake
Baked in clay pot lined with banana leaves

Salty soft as goat's cheese
Mouth watering purple yam stirred in milk & sugar

Tangy crisp as sliced green mango
Mixed with tomatoes, onions & shrimp paste

Sun dew fruits - watermelon, papaya,
star apple, melon, atis, chico - nourish my eyes

And most of all, riotously decadent halo-halo*
colors swimming in finely shaved ice

And I would suckle your brown breast
Milky as young coconut, newly axed by bolo**

By the man along dusty road,
His deeply wrinkled smile welcoming me home 

*Halo-halo ( ‘mix-mix’ ) is a popular Philippine dessert consisting mainly of finely-shaved ice and a delightful concoction of preserved sweets such as young shredded coconut, beans, boiled banana chunks, macapuno, sago, gelatin, leche flan and topped with crispy popped rice and a glob of ice cream, among other yummy tidbits. Picture credit here.

** bolo is a large, heavy, single-edged knife or machete for hacking

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Sunday, August 10, 2014


westward wind tarries 
sea-floral fragrance

rain clouds

slinging its glorious mane

a darkening 
of trees sway below gibbous moon

tide recedes
crooning last summer's song

time slips
hushed and gentle like the gazelle. *

Title and last line from Dusk, Gabriela Mistral.

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long shadows of sunset
stole my breath & words-

I drank as a daughter *
Her mother's milk, milk of the palmtrees *

Grace @ Florida Vacation

Thursday, August 7, 2014

August thunderstorm

pewters sky


Grace @ Clearwater Beach, Florida

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Sea-charmed morning

Grace @ Clearwater Beach, Florida


sun-licked waters 
over blue-drunk sky

I tread 
eager for wiggly fish

and though each tide
repeats an old song

bounding waves
break against my feet

soft feathers 
of green-stemmed blooms 

I cannot count
nor put them in a vase

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sam's Superman moment

Lake Panasoffkee, Sumter County, Florida

As another air boat rain-ripples the marshlands 
baby alligator, Sam, asks his mother, if he can come out 
& play with his friends, dragon & black swan.

Wait until all is silent except for the birds, his mother said
So he waited until the sun steeped the emerald
reed-waters to bright orange & yellow hues

At night, Sam swims along the grooves & rocks
With his friends, lake is a spaceship or pirate ship
marauding an island of bats or black cats.

Suddenly a raven sweeps above a palm tree croaking:
There's a boat nearby with nets staking your kin & skin
But Sam doesn't realize the danger & soon he is caught

In a large cup with orange flowers
painted on it. Or was it an old liquor bottle?  Sam scrambles
to escape though his mouth is duct taped.  His tail flips-flops

to find an escape route.  He smells smoke nearby
& realizes his dragon friend had set the boat on fire.  By the door, his
other friend, the swan is motioning him to jump on his back & soon

Sam is airborne over the water-mulched trees
      Where time is a graceful arc of pelican's wing
      Where every cry of the bald eagle is fierce & free

We went to the marshlands over the weekend where we saw alligators and wild birds. Such a beautiful wild place & hopefully it will continue to remain untouched by men ~ But we did see a baby alligator on display for tourists like us ~

*I am currently vacationing in Florida so it may take me a day or two to return your visit*