Thursday, June 25, 2015

Flashback to 10 summers ago

To island of my mother
if you call me daughter
with the sing-song lilt of sugar fields
I will gladly call you
home, and hand out red leis
when the time is right

The rice cakes were sticky, plump with goat cheese, filling my mouth with summer. 

Otherwise leave me drowsy 
among maple leaves
lush & green in summertime
I walk in circles
around trimmed city park
filled with blooms for tourists

The ten boxes & luggage were not enough, I wanted to bring the sea with me.   

I never left you motherland
I hand you this poem
pearly white as sand bars
in exchange 
for my tired bones
& wintered tongue

My father's eyes were damp with good-bye tears, but it was our summer of beginnings.

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Today is the first day we landed in Canada as immigrants, 10 years ago ~   

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


rain, rain
you unfurl fingers, thicker than rose thorns

striking fear
at our core as you bleed profusely

filling all our cracks
with your wet tongue, pouring your perfume

at our emptiness
you sweep away

dirt in our feet, in our lips
filthy words, the garbage we harbor deep

tear down, not our frail houses
but our bronze monuments

green us
with teeming lake & pink-feathered birds

echo in our ears
the war drums as we keel under the wind's savagery

rain, rain
pouring out from darkness  

goddess of life 
save us 


Picture credit:   Here

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Monsoon hosted by Abhra ~  Having grown up in the tropical country where monsoon rains were too much & destroyed much of our land and properties, I wish for  some rain, not a lot of it.    Thanks for the visit ~

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mirror, mirror

you are the polished
my eyes mend
red lipstick
carefully drawn
over delicate wrinkles   

your edges are
with precision
while mine  
damp with shallow 
& flaws with each
sharp thunder clap

i wince
under your bright
harsh light but
once the moon lingers
his fingers on your oval frame
you are ivory window
you are third-eye needle

beneath the milky 
a face
waiting to be unmasked-


Credit to  Brooke Shaden

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ode to ice-cream

Each scoop of you
is cream
lavished on bowl
as sugar castles
as thick maple syrup

I would barter
every candy
every nutty bar
so I can
in your flavors
get lost
in your exploding
symphony of colors &

Here's the sun
melting you
soft as caramel  
no tissue can easily
wipe away
summer or not,
with pie, waffle or plain cone
let your milky
& darken
my lips

as white swan
ribbed by blue-hushed lake 

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spring train journals

Photo by Fabien Bravin

He's a loudspeaker, holding back train doors longer than needed 
She hurries in, cool in long black hair wig
Pinned between thick black arms, his oyster
But her smile is faint, pinkly propped as a doll


He is shouting, Espanol, Por favor! along station platform 
Then he marches from one car train to another, a lonely hull of a boat
Crashing against train's whirlwind,  his voice drowns in our ears
Oh, teach us to fish and love


They share a Laura Secord chocolate bar 
Between words tumbling as fire red ants on sugar hill 
I see her collar, skin thickly patched, above blue summer dress 
But he's besotted by her words, caressing his wrist like dragonfly

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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Picture credit:   here

woman's eyes
catch his
smooth as silk red-purple tie-
he smiles giddily
neck strained
faking remorse
with hands perfumed
words drip honey-dew, sweetest
of plums
 ~ promises ~
plums of
sweetest, dew-honey drip on words
perfumed hands with
remorse, faking
strained neck
giddily, he smiles
(as he) ties purple-red silk smoothly
(the) lie
his, catches
woman's eyes

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Walking away from shadows

picture credit:  here

in white room of empty
shelves, anger, not tears came
as she recalls the stinging
lies, secrets spilling on floor
& smell of cigarettes 

time didn't hold back-  
lacquered skin became rust 
& vows turned to chalk dust 
what she thought was clear water
was painted in pouring darkness 

wet, dawn comes as ghost
she flickers, smaller by lamp
light,  until walking away
she's a black dot 
the sky whites,
whiter than fading moon    

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The vows at the church

Picture credit:   Ellie Davies

Your voice quivers, caught
in the morning light, dazzling him
In a blue suit, your eyes are diamonds sought 
in deepest mine, where no sun can ever dim
nor night shutter its glorious crystal shade-
Here in midst of family & friends, you disclosed
what has seeded in your heart- a glade
where forest is lit with emerald stars & joy flows
endlessly as full moon tides, what lies
ahead you don't know - bricks or stones -
With you, this moment will never die   
framed & pressed, on your spine, a whetstone,    
on your hands, warm as spring's first bouquet on lawn -
You begin the vows with tearful smiles, fears begone ~

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub- OpenLinkNight hosted by Bjorn Rudberg ~

This challenge was from Imaginary Garden for Real Toads:   using Bout-Rimes with these end words: caught, him, got, dim, shade, goes, glade, flows, lies, stone, dies, tone, lawn, gone

Process Notes:   My eldest son got married over the weekend and it was a lovely family celebration filled with love and gratitude ~

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The sky in my eyes -

I am slick with rain, drenched
to skin with hovering clouds
But you don't notice but my colors
rustling silk-plum rose, scent of honeybees
then orange-gold, streaking of seeds-

 Picture credit:   here

I am sitting by dead
twigs, red-nosed pine cones & frayed
leaves, pickled brown by bugs-

The sun is cucumber cool,
minting the field in newness while
yellow-crowned weeds, trifles with wind-

The sky is a watercolor my eyes can't ever capture-

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Poetics - Micro world Poetry ~  I am back to writing poems after a break ~ (I feel rusty, ha) ~ Happy Tuesday everyone ~