Sunday, August 30, 2015


                                                                        Artist in his Studio by Rembrandt

In the light, your face is half moon
Etched on canvas, unfurling
Shadows of restless sea, I see

Jagged lines, brittle as sand dunes
Browning hues, lush as autumn's swirling  
In the light, your face is half moon

Silver-lidded, a mirage of June's perfect skies 
But August's unflinchingly death stares
Bestow shadows of restless sea, I see

Your singular passion, your wounds
Glint of secret core, raw as unrefined salt
No light nor half moon can dim, a face

Inked in velvet-red strokes, a darkening to swoon
A master boldly unrepentant as eagle swooping its prey
There are shadows,  restless as sea, I see  

Deep despair from love's lost
Grieving hands from burying a child
In the light, your face is half moon

Celebrated by many, your signature is known
But you breathe on cliff's edge, a yearning 
to live amidst shadows, restless as the sea, I 

Look for your bones under church's tombstone
Marked for men, broken and poor     
In the dying light, your face pivots a full moon
throwing shadows to restless sea, I see.....         me

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and Poets United - This started as a villanelle but I added more lines & didn't follow the rhyming scheme.    Thanks for your visits ~

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Northern Lights

The sky is sea-nymph

drumming the night with star dust

The clouds are flare-hatchers

rolling, roaring, ricocheting

whiplash colors fleeting madly  

bleeding in dramatic reverberation

A curtain wildly unfolding & sweeping 

broad brushstrokes

lavish pigments of universe's womb

a glimpse of mystery totally

magnetic, thrilling every pore of our skin

Then you are gone quickly- 

ballerina's fluid air-leap, grand jete 

Aurora over South South Saskatchewan River, Canada, August 18, 2015
Video by vimeo is here

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The body's clock

Photo - Douglas Salisbury

"Look, the trees are turning their own bodies into pillars  of light"
In Blackwater Woods - Mary Oliver

his body knew not
seasons nor time's tempest 
but only its own heartbeat
slower than low tide 
on long summer's day

outside the sun beckons
orange pink light,
a mirror of new day    
but his bones are heavy
silted with mysterious roots   
curling stiff as purple-red autumn leaf 
he sinks into sleep
steeped with clouds
ever wandering with wind

Posted for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads- Play It Again, Inspired by Kerry's William Carlos Williams, and Susie's Bits of Inspiration, The Photography of Douglas Salisbury
and Poets United.   This is based on meeting someone who has irregular & mysterious sleep patterns. Thanks for the visit ~

Thursday, August 20, 2015


late summer-
your face is a candle, fading
in echoes of raindrops 

Narcissus & Echo - by John William Waterhouse

Upon pool of water, I gaze 
Your face, a perfect moon
Swaddled of brightest starlight 

Enchanted, I say, Hello?
I swear to your beauty, delicate as snow
I will bestow  
All my strength and devotion
Why do you shun my presence?
Are not my smiles charming?
Are not my words persuasive?
Please let me stay here
At your feet, where my devotion lies 
You are my muse, your name echoes
Within me, dulcet
Until I know that you love
Me, I will deeply grieve    
Do you believe me?
           Leave me
You are breaking me, I will die.  

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

After the storm wrecked our school

I write a poem under the tree
Buzzing with insects & blooming fruits
Each word a whirlwind on my knees

As I try to make it rhyme with bees
Half-listening to teacher's voice on rules & feuds
I write a poem under the tree

Scribbling in long strokes, black as tea
I ignore birds calling our secret names, hued  
Like buzzing insects and fruits blooming   

I count bleating of nearby goat herd
While sun mercilessly dry our throats
As I write a poem about this tree

Gnarled with thick torso like manatee  
Unbowed by storm, this tree's our school (a hoot)
Buzzing with insects & falling fruits

Chucking our heads, when our eyes flee 
To distant train puffs & sky goosed by jet's clouds
This poem is written under our tree
Buzzing with insects & blooming fruits

Picture credit:   here

Posted for:   D'verse Poets Pub - Hosted by Gabriella ~ I took a different approach to "going back to school" specially for poorer countries ~  Thanks for your visit ~

Sunday, August 16, 2015

When time is a mirror of the past

Crawford Lake, Milton, Ontario
by Grace@ Everyday Amazing

Not a breath of wind nor cawing of  black birds can rustle the lake's deep deep sleep.  It cradles time on its belly, pregnant of memories of the first people and creatures who once lived beside it.   By the lake's end, a garbled cedar tree watches over the lake, marbled in blue mystery. It is estimated that the lake is 10,000 years in the making and the remnant of the last ice age.

Summer breeze
is a gentle tap on my shoulder-
I stir not, nor lift
my giant hands from bed
filled with bones of my lost children 

Posted for Imaginary Garden for Real Toads - Poetry Time, Hosted by Karin
Poets United - We visited this lake yesterday and toured some conservation parks as weather was summer perfect.  

Notes:  A 1971 study revealed Crawford Lake to be meromictic –  because the lake’s basin is deeper than it’s surface area, the lowest levels of water are very rarely, if ever, disturbed by wind or temperature changes. Without an annual turnover of water, there is little oxygen present in its depths and minimal bacterial breakdown, which preserves the layers of sediment that have built up over time. This build up provides an accurate record of the human and natural history of the lake and its surroundings. Studies of this sediment revealed the agricultural history of the Iroquoian people, and the presence of a pre-contact village. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The beauty of the woman

The heart of the woman is wide-mouthed sea
Carrying child's lusty cries before dawn
On her swollen breasts nestle a tribe
On her broad shoulders ride warriors
Her bloodline is red as fiery volcano

The hands of the woman is baked brown by sun
Sweaty & dirty by toiling soil & tending chores 
She moves with a purpose, planting her roots
so her children will know her, of her
Her words are grain, spreading field to field-

The face of the woman is marked by every lash
Of windstorm, every tear of thundering clouds
Yet her demeanor is calm, murmuring of rain drops
On her body, round & laden as sudden flurry
of March spring blooms, beautifully astonishing- 

                                Henry Moore - Figure lying (Canada, Ottawa, 1930)

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tropical summer


The street vendor fries the wrapped plaintain bananas with slice of langka (jackfruit) and brown sugar in hot pan.   The turon sizzles to crispy amber under the humid afternoon sun.   We wait, not with bottled cold water, but with buko (young coconut).   My shirt has a bit of stain from spitting out black seeds of atis (sugar apple) under the neighbor's guava tree.   My friend is munching on santol (wild mangosteen) with salt.     Bittersweet and rough, he is squirming with its sourness, while becoming ecstatic with each bite of the pitted fruit. He makes a lot of faces as sweat rolls off his neck.   All I can think of is playing hide & seek in the cool shaded park.   

sudden summer rain
crashes the roof at night,
drowning the tuko's cries

*tuko lizards (or small geckos)

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Poetics:  Dog Days ~  I am incorporating my hot summers (April to May) in the Philippines, where I grew up.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The trespasser

When city slips into night beat
And streets are near-empty
of cars 
He comes out
marking back alleys
With his signature 

With pitted cheeks  
He struts
like he owns all street
yellow-pissed by homeless 
whores, pimps
gypsies with tarot 
And all the nobodies 

by moon
perfectly round
above split-level condominiums  

Graffiti Alley, Toronto City @Grace

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