Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lunch room

Prawns and Celery Chapsui with Thai Noodles
Picture credit:   Gloria of Canela's Kitchen

at the office lunch room,
i try not to inhale deeply other people's food -

tuna sandwich, slice of leftover pizza,
green salad and mashed potatoes -

because its not polite to peer beyond the
free news daily and magazine glossy covers, camouflaged

flour-fried fish and chips, chicken cream on noodles -
all from the pre-packed frozen trays at the grocery store 

busy, running behind the schedule, traffic at free way, because ...
a million reasons, as I eat my beef stew, warm from my kitchen 

bicycle-loving young fair lady loves Asian spice and flavours,
eating with chopsticks,  must be so love with her Indian boyfriend

two ladies share their food, even down to pineapple
upside down cake, immersed in their problems, an island in table of six

while thin-reed woman complains she over-toasted her beef patty, 
and I tell her - you can have my yogurt cup -

she smiles her thanks, voice subdued in room, I always hear
her voice, strong and high-pitched above the office din...must be tough to be a widow, 

i turn to finish my salad, 30 minutes came fast like summer season 
and i am back at my cube, looking outside the window,  trying to catch   

each maple leaf, each shrub swaying in cool autumn

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Pink blooms

© Joy Ann Jones

yellow bee tangled in her     
flowered-pink skirt  

pink petals 
falling one by one,
i come unhinged -


broken, her words flew 
across mud-stained walls - still   
softest blooms    

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Monday, September 24, 2012


your words like
warm chocolate cup,
evening lullaby


your lips tasting of cinnamon,
turns me into a
restless tide


folding wings,
you nestle close to me -
black butterfly

picture credit:   here

Sunday, September 23, 2012


For Haiku Heights:  Paradox

three golden pears
unwashed, untouched, unpared dessert;    
she wanted apples 

For Real Toads:   Sevenling (Pears)

in the fading light, he clings to her image:   
autumn leaves falling on hair, 
ripe pear cheeks and laughing eyes  

in the kitchen, she slices the fruits, 
soaking them with spiced red wine and sugar 
concoction, and drizzling cinnamon dust 

beside the homecoming dish, she waits for the call     

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Street Art

splashing colors,
wall comes alive with stories,
haunting stormy sky


in the fading light,
he paints his soul on the wall,
flaming dragon


red and blue oils
mingle with sweat and dust:
art for everyday man

Update:   I am pleased to announce that this poem has been included in the Second Issue of Nain Rouge.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I dream of the sky

under my burqa, world is small as my hand,    
        but with my pen, hidden under the folds, i dream of the sky.    


why can't i choose my love,
        i am not made of stone nor dry straw dusting the ground.


kill me with your hands,
        but my words will live, setting my henna-inked sisters free.

Written for Real Toads:   Landai poems are mostly voices of Afghan women.  They are two-line folk poems that can often be humorous, sexy, raging, tragic and  also deal with love, grief,  war, exile and Afghan independence. The success of the poetry form is attributed to it being easy to memorize, which is really important in a culture where women are poorly schooled and forbidden to write or read.

An interesting Article:  Why Afghan Women Risk Death to Write Poetry

Also shared with:  Flash Fiction Friday - 55 words for the G-man ~
Picture credit: Afghan Women's Writing Project  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Poetry for the Firefly Jar

Gull Lake@Everyday Amazing 

to grow steadily:
deep roots, upturned face, open hands,
amidst stones:  grass

to brim cup:
bright words, green colors, music,
amidst desert:  water

to yield gently:
storms, skyfall and changing roads,
a strong oak

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Friday, September 14, 2012


her love poems,
sweeter than lemon cake
topped with fresh strawberries


his parting words
grated like lemon rinds on cake,
bittersweet fruit  


chocolate dessert,
warm as honey, drips slowly
her hardened heart

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Picture credit:   here 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Old letters

old lettters
scented with lavender lace,
story of undying love


mother's words
lingered on frail paper,
our bold inspiration


family secrets
hovered on frayed threads
in time:  sands in the wind

and Haiku Heights:   Revelation

Monday, September 10, 2012

The coming days

Gull Lake@ Everyday Amazing 

and now it has come to this:    
faltering days and sharper evening air

leaves will surely fall in coming weeks 
not of bitter parting but of acceptance and grace

softly embracing the soil, the womb,
its humble journey, back to where life first pulsed

this is a season of beginnings
not of harvest, but of seeding and planting our feet

new job, new chapter of the book,
another milestone to be reached, all await our hands

to knife with precise strokes,   our words
to modulate with fervour and might,  our voice

not to mellow in shadows but to be calmer in storms,
not to shrivel with fear but to be more open to change, 

not to coast along the tide but to steer with renewed energy     
towards the night that burns our chest

never forgetting the voice inside,  vibrant and strong, growing  

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My thanks to D'verse Poets Community for making this possible:   
Urban Dreams, Nain Rouge, Sept 2012 Issue, page 21. This is my first humble offering, so you can imagine what this means to me:   Yes, I am dreaming, smiles.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


her laughter
like black whole pepper,  
crinkled over bowl of noodles  


his lecture 
woke up the sleepy audience, 
slice of orange zest 


spicy sauce
dotted the conversation, 
as a lace strap falls   

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picture credit:  here

Saturday, September 8, 2012

this rainy day

                                                                        M. Bednar

i  hang blue plates 
on wooden twines: shiny, unbroken
unlike me 


grief came in a small jug
empty of spice, but on my neck
heavy stone   


rain washed  
morning in salmon and teal,  
but for coffee mug, stained of you

Update:   I am pleased to announce that this poem has been selected for Emerge Literary Journal - Fall 2013 Issue.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On a cold evening

her reply came
in the mail, faint of ink,
obscure as spiralling sky


across the hallway,
his words echoed
colder than distant star


her tears fell into
the bottomless well,
unanswered prayers

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I struggled with this prompt and might skip on some days to write about other things ~Thanks for the visit~ 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


gold russet  
brushing the edges,
fading photograph


deep as red burnished leaves, 
steeped in my tea 


with eager eyes,  
wings lift to sky,
empty nest 

For Haiku Heights:   Autumn - This is part of the September Challenge of Haiku Heights 

Monday, September 3, 2012


Photography Credit:   Reena of Missing Moments

moon-lit night,
dazzling symphony
of light and shadows  


concert park 
echoed the soulful strings,   
the moon wept


she adores the sun
swaying yellow petals in wind,  
the blue moon

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Sunday, September 2, 2012


                                                          Gull Lake @ Everyday Amazing

blue waves
couldn't break ancient stones,
filled with sadness


cries by seagulls 
ripple the serene lake,
empty of boats


leave me here
on island stones by dawn:
hollowed tree     

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Waning summer

                                                                             Summer Night, 1913, by Albert Bloch

its been raining for several days,
water paling streets of colors,
waning days of summer 

these nights
i pour tapioca pearls in milky drink,
stirring in brown sugar with gelatin ice

sweetly predictable
on my tongue, dulled of sun spice
on my hands, white canvas

i polish the words 
lush brown, blistering red,  vibrant green
into my pocket, lined with purple berries  

i wait for spell of autumn 

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The color of our days


the morning crowded
with white ducks and grey feathers,
summer's last picnic    


the lake scattered
red, orange and yellow blooms,
stripped of ink:   pale leaf


soft feathers, 
lining nest of twigs,
red-scarred breast

Note on last haiku:  When constructing her nest, a hen will line it with soft down feathers she plucks from her own breast. This gives the eggs the best possible cushioning and insulation.

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