Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Anti-bullying: When words hurt

you hurt me a long time ago
with careless jokes & cruel taunts 
       your mouth a gun
       your fists, bullets to my face 

night was my only friend
& fear silenced my tongue
       your arm a sword
       your words, impaling my chest

it took me a long time
to look at myself in mirror & smile again 
       your mouth a gun
       your fists, bullets to my face

invisible scars they remain 
fears I'll always fight to the last of my days 
       your arm a sword
       your words, impaling my chest 

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I have not experienced bullying but my children have.  My two boys in their primary school fought outside the school premises in their uniforms.  Good thing they were fearless fighters because the  "bullies" never bothered them again.   I only knew of these incidents afterwards.  So I am now proactive with my youngest, a 14 year daughter.  She is to tell us if anyone intimidates or teases her in school or in social media.    

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Beware of the Thing

Everyone points their fingers at 
When there's no culprit to find
When there's no excuse to rig
When there's no reason to tarry behind 
Cleaning up the mess & cobwebs
Wiping away woes & magical spells gone kaput 
Scaring away house guests nobody wants
Spooking postmen & little girls selling cookies
Witch tales, moon-struck poems, who will listen 
If you need somebody to pat your shoulders
Or write a sweet letter to your Lady Love 
Or rescue you out of box or clutches of homicidal maniac  
(Not me)
Tap & I'll climb out, parts incomplete, but family to  

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A promissory note, pinned on the mirror

Darkness lifts from your shoulders
          for once, imagine standing by sea

Soulful as wind rushes
          your ears in a stampede of energy & verve

Extending your hands, you float 
          like lilies on pond, free of tangles & dead weights

Call the night now
         and see yourself, a key turning

In a singular fluid motion
         the water darkens with velocity 

Spine bending to sky  
         you say, take these seeds

Black & curdled with fear     
         & throw them away to tides & gulls

Moon rises from the sea depths 
         resplendent orange, full of light

Shining your face, earnest & ardent 
        inhale salt beds & sun-ripe meadows 

Everywhere you turn is luck 
        & love rooting & ripening, like it has never left -    

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Deep sleep

Mendenhall Ice Caves, Juneau, Alaska

the color
of my sky, deep velvet blue

here the river
gravitates towards its womb:  a cave

carved out
of wind & mountain of solid ice

my hands 
touch the arctic stones, glazed-cobalt walls     

but there's 
no sensation, nothing burns nor sears

the memories 
no awakening but   

silence, haven
suspended time

this is my salvation

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

call the night

the night comes faster
    faster than my blinking eyes
eyes that hold secrets
    secrets black as crows,  cry

cry to be broken free
    free as sky hued in grey 
grey bristles with energy, spark
    spark the bare lonely tree & i sway

sway where the wind calls
   calls forth my words
words: crimson birthing, raw 
   raw as full moon rising, fleeing like birds 

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The form calls for repeating the last word of the first line & using it as the first word for the second line & so forth ~ Rhyming is optional, though I have used abcb rhyming scheme.
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

for Dave

Grace @ Everyday Amazing

a red leaf falls 
soft as sunset, i read back
 your words, lingering bright on my pages


you gifted me 
187 comments for the last 2 years
thank you ~

"the Goddess in the garden":
Lovely splash of all that summer should be.

"What i remind myself at night":

Full of good things, a most compelling poem. My favourite couplet:

"The sun hides behind the ruffled clouds.
And mustard walls, penciled with industrial carpet."


"What the sign said: Pennies are ok!":
their drug & eden (lost) -- Brilliant, but the poem had me as a fan long before that!
~ 0~0~ 

 "at night, unboxed":
I see this as a tender portrait of someone coping well with the rat race,

"Beneath the skin":
Beautifully handled. Exquisite.

The third stanza is a real humdinger. Lights up the whole poem.

"Violet blooms":
Somewhat above the general run of such poems. Lovely thoughts and lines.

"A prelude":
Which leaves us all agog for the main event -- which is exactly what it should do.

"m(a)ystery of the woman":
Yes, witch to queen, a new plot so far as I'm concerned. Powerful in itself and powerfully portrayed here. Excellent.


These are just some of the comments I have received from Dave from both of my blogs. His first comment to me was June 27, 2011.  

"I do believe you have prompted me to visit the dentist for a much put-off job - and that's no small achievement, so congrats! " 

Shared with D'verse Poets Pub - For David King, who has passed away last Oct. 4, 2013.  


I call in 
not going to work today,
I'm going fishing instead

To where the sky opens 
Blue, clear & opulent
I hook the worms
Lilies are blooming feathers    
I cast the rod 
Wind blasts a million jellyfish  
I stoop, tugging extra string 

I catch 
a man wearing a business suit
& clouds 
laugh along with me

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Forever bicycles

Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square

3,144 bicycles by Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei 

is what our sky looks:   
tower of wheels, frames & gears
stacked in stainless steel & metallic paint
the smell of gas, smog & paved roads
fanning our cheeks with humid 

is how our city stands:
leaning forward, eyes on fast turn
of cars across super highway, one foot pressed
on gas pedal racing against the clock- by grid-
 lock, we crowd, an indistinguishable 

is what we have become:
mechanically pounding city streets
chasing another sale or dollar, cycle/in/cycle 
we say we're lucky we got a job but who's 
minding rice fields, fish ponds &  

sun - 
a slit behind grey clouds,
is off-center, less king in our eyes
perhaps a dying star, but we're busy taking shots of bicycles- 
no handlebars nor seats, an art statement  
or a silent protest:  is this 

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

In the kitchen where it all started & ended

it is not his words solely

but the way he spits them to her face - 

hiss of the blade, sharp upper cut 

that makes her cringe like a

disemboweled rotting pumpkin - 

scalp torn open, carved bleak

candles all melted inside-

she slowly stirs the pot 

kitchen is messy of peelings, 

seeds & sweet golden pears 

& rich coconut cream-

she once was like this  - cream

puffed, silver-glass slippered girl,

riding a carriage made out of pumpkins-

now, she feels trapped under a lantern's

ghostly smile & empty 


of autumn's colors,

she scoops red chili paste

slowly staining the yellow puree    

hiding the tears crawling down her chin   

like ants, crimson as her hands

breaking into leaves,

soundless, the arc of a falling knife 

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beautiful darkness

Grace @ EverydayAmazing

shiver -
the wind passes 
cold as blue moon, sharply
weaving the night to beautiful 

i lay
vulnerable -
frayed & wind-tattered, i 
should be afraid of what's coming 

silence -
a crescendo
of heartbeats & gulls cries
engulfs me in peace, beautiful 
(amidst) chaos

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - I used titles of my teen daughter's books ~

And Flash Fiction Friday for G-man (55 shivering words) : 

We walked briskly, under shivering light of the blue moon.  Where once we were proud as eagles soaring near the sun, we now move like angels in the beautiful darkness.   Perhaps its the silence, a crescendo of heart beats we're seeking, but beautiful is what we find amidst the chaos of the city's underground ruins.