Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spring's blessings

cherry blooms in pink
rain-scented, suckling soil's deepest light        
I'm carried away to sky


Today when the trees pink & rise 
     with spring's first step
Today when afternoon sun flirts  
     with the lilac & lemon tulips          
Today when the hawk catches the tail
     wind of rain-clouds
Today when someone I love is slowly dying 
    and when someone I don't know is dying
Today when someone steps away from the past
    and opens the door to a new journey
When the oranges ripen, fragrant 
    as long stem roses in a green vase   
Let the beauty of this day come inside
    resting its head on your chest 
As a child with a mother does, as they silently 
    watch the robins weave their nests-
Let its fierceness and tenderness hold you
Let its vastness be undisguised in all your days    

*Lines inspired by Jane Hirsfield, A blessing for the Wedding 

Grace @ Everyday Amazing

Posted for Imaginary Garden for Real Toads - Featuring Jane Hirshfield
and Poets United ~ I am on a semi-blogger break as we are preparing for the wedding of my eldest son this month ~  Wishing you happy spring in my part of the world ~  
And Happy Mother's Day to all ~