Tuesday, May 30, 2017

long journey home

your body rots
slow decay, turtle's pace
drinking tea & eating greens, your 
hands are lace-veined, brown-speckled by sun

your memories are rain-
dewed by past, lingering over photos-
fragrance of flowers bring you tears, phone calls
from your children and grandchildren livens your time

is this a blessing or curse
out-living your spouse, friends and siblings?
your aches, back and jaws 
are increasingly painful as years float, blur 

you are always 
for that final blazing sunset

a gift, you'll then say 

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Monday, May 29, 2017

needles of wisdom

you carry your burdens with a slight stoop of your frame.   looking at you, no one would suspect, your body aches from the onslaught of many storms.  your face, well-worn book, scratched page by page, shines with love.  time has made a map on your skin, scribbled with grooves, scars and webbed lines.   you mend our broken bones with sap, our shattered hearts with green. your wrinkled hands are salve to our misdeeds and disastrous accidents.   with textured depths and firm roots, you show us your wisdom as we rise, flying with the gulls.   we carry your words wherever we go.

wild lilac blooms along
unpaved path, stony with dust-
lighthouse flickers- steady

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Brush strokes of grey

some nights, it falls 
roar of crackling firework
hiss of the breaking glass
vicious splat by car tires 

but this late afternoon
rains are gentle puddles
freshly squeezed
coating sky with oil pale hues
sounds of melancholy drift
bittersweet as ruby grapefruit

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Today, I let the light in-

the sun is a milk-cotton daisy
blooming along side glorious tulips

              i will not count
              creases on my forehead

the sky sings a breezy fruity tune-
while dandelions sip yellow tea 

             i will not rue
             emerging strays of white hair

the wind brings lake's salty tears-
seed pods open, spraying golden grains

             i will not bother
             creaming my wrinkled hands 

the trees are shimmering glassy chandeliers 
covering cracks, like leavening on dry crust- 
             i am grateful -
             another day of beginnings

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dallying time

you rise
tasty as thin curls of butter
swooning beside fresh bread

even if you lather
liverworts on your mane
silk of your skin is warm as honeycomb-

i taste 
pink clouds, velvet moon under your arms-
i drown in cotton eyes of dandelions-  

forget the weeds- 
time is filling up our cups with corals, 
salmon sunsets & perfumed apple cider-

your beauty 
is a melodious cupcake-
let me sit awhile & pen you a song- 

Flowering Crab Apple Trees

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Hungry eyes

The recipe is not a secret as we got the recipe from the internet.  My hubby concentrates on preparing the finely ground beef with garlic, sprinkling of soy sauce and red wine.   He mixes the meat with vegetables- carrots and peas, with tomato paste.  I concentrate on peeling, boiling and mashing the potatoes with butter and cream.  In the pyrex, he layers the cooked meat and vegetables carefully.  I pile up the mashed and creamy potatoes, until the pyrex is filled up.    It is ready to be baked crisp as Shepherd's pie.   

It's the teamwork that makes it delicious.  I can make a dish tastier that this but its all my effort.  When it comes to cooking, making it together makes the dish extra special.   

hungry eyes of the moon-
spring trees blossom with  
flowering pink scents 

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

4 buckets of soil

pecking on soggy soil
a black bird's eyes
shines silvery
  as flowering moon

soil is fire
blazing green and yellow
  daffodils on my hair
  dandelions on my wrist
flaming tulips rise,
with peplum skirts 

fresh tang of spice roots,
sharp claws of herbal leaves
& plum skin of ripe tomatoes-
  this soil is wine & bread

leave me
rain-soiled & kiss-smothered by flowers
in this spring dance-

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Monday, May 8, 2017

at a garden show, if all we see is

one frame- all black and white
unrippled of contradictions
flatlined in dust 

we'll be 
blind to spontaneous outbursts,
deaf to echoes of dissent

all flowers, stilted monotone
all trees, uninteresting as street lights-

and garden -
boring place to visit

show me 
your true{true} colors

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Two girls giggle over

pouch of dandelions
   newly plucked -  stars

sprigs of green, bouquets of
   flowers - sun-dried

white eyelets, pink posies
   gathered on mounds

this park bench is lark, bed,
   secret garden

of imagination-
   as gulls swallow

last cup of dimming light
   and half-sliced moon

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Beyond the pearls & blur-

he gives her a bouquet of red roses
one dozen in full bloom, she presses her nose
for sweet perfume, as she sits on her quilt
but what tingles her spine as she inhales - guilt

she starts to undress, scattering red petals
amidst their bed as passion pours & settles
like rainclouds, his lips shouting love, my love! 
but in her mind, she heard get rid of!

his lies taunt her, like poisoned white wine
songs & gifts that he gave someone else- brine
she can taste it - enough of this deception, no more!
she'll snare him first, as she grabs roses from floor

madness came on thorns of the red roses 
... striking, hitting, carving- as he discloses      
feathery promises until his blood stains white
sheets so bright, in the grim of midnight

here's a solitary rose in bloodied hands
the room's a river of black purple sands
she gets what she wants -beyond the pearls & blur   
a perfect offering:   his heart only for her- 

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This is an old poem I wrote back in 2011, which I have revised to have a rhyming couplet ~