Thursday, May 31, 2018

The view beyond my sister's room

My body stretching like a tear
along the paper*

   that second night 
   of mourning
My hands caught air
of your fragrance, 
   bamboo, eucalyptus,  
   aloe vera

My mom dragged her feet 
   in slow circles
while my brother silently grieved - 
   he's a wounded sparrow -

Outside the window,
  the bird's nest, a music of hungry
        cries & squeals
  the busy cars honking 
        thirsty for summer rain

The wind turned,
dripping of sun's tears-
        the sky, blue-matted 
                        blanket, times
        another season
                        knitted new
        canvas, bright orange

My eldest placed his new born
child into my arms
       He, feather-light
       Weighs our universe 

They brought him and autumn   
rushed in, tossed its cape of starlings,   
tattered the frost-spackled field.**

* First lines, from Louise Gluck, The Egg
**Ending lines, from The Corn Baby by Mark Wunderlich

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I missed out on some poetry prompts during my break.   For this poem, I used this one from Amaya's prompt, Bridging the Gap, where I am to use two quotes, one for the opening, and another for the ending, with the poet building the lines in the middle.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

its show time!

i pose, pretty in bell-shaped dress
lavender with polka dots

i stand here, smiling all day long
with petticoats of velvet & tulle

while I itch to walk 
in my green minted slippers

here comes an old lady
with a bag, colorful as lemon

under her glasses,
she marvels at my freckles

alas, her dog got too excited
and prancing around,

pawed his dirt on my feet-
yikes, it was all I can do

not to smack him back
with my corns and toady toes

i did sneeze a big ACHOOOO!!!
as the old lady pulled him back

sh-sh-smacking her lips
moving along where hydrangeas and azaleas 

are shooing away the bees & bugs - 
please leave me alone!!! 

I'd rather be
ribbing with roses
fibbing with pansies

than waving cherry Welcome  !!!  
at 500+ strangers,  
in this garden show

Centennial Park Garden

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Monday, May 21, 2018

may you see field of tulips on your journey

as lone sunflower

i inhale incense
as sky scoops back predicted 

rain, surging life, silk-spun fragile 
as budding white tulip

you're not storm
chaser, but peacemaker

staying close
to family's roots, tilling 

zen-inspired garden,
beading memoirs-

and now, pilgrim's traveller
on journey 


Family Photo by Grace @Everyday Amazing

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub, Quadrille, hosted by Kim Russell.   This is a 44 word post with the chosen word "rain".   This photo is from the funeral of my sister 2 weeks ago and I can finally talk about it as a means of healing & moving on.   Thanks for your visit.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Season of dandelions

2018 Photo by Grace@Everyday Amazing

Your yellow faces mirror the sky's mantle
Brightening paths of grey 
Sway your pinwheel blooms to slather 
sunshine and green into our steps

Underneath cherry and magnolia petals
you root where the wind carries you-
you weed with careless swagger of young
heart, not caring for tomorrow's rain

Stay awhile as tulips bloom
And fruit trees dip with peach flowers
Gloriously cascading rain-soaked plumes 
This season of spring has short hours

Remind me, not to count how long
you are around, twirling cotton stars
But to inhale your season with gusto
As you bob to sounds of tambourines 

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