Thursday, January 14, 2021

Waltzing at night


this notebook is a bear

-hug I need

warm as fuzzy blanket

on winter night

my pen stirs the soup

of longing sun

of butterfly wishes

of spring seeds & peppermint sky

and i am there

with you

each page, smooth

spoonful of sugar custard

each chapter, drum

-beat of heady blues & wine

i fold its hands

cupped with sangria flowers

of my secrets

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Tuesday, January 5, 2021


 i left sadness as a half-peeled onion

on a platter

it saw no sunshine

but to my surprise, it grew

speckled leaves

the color of my eyes &

roots, the shape of my feet

i planted it in pot of soil

nurtured by winter cold symphony

& northern darkness

no petals grew

nor sweet fruits of long summer days

instead its roots spread

warming my blood

as spice, flavor, fire

in my belly

it became part of my body

watercolors my hours

& underlines my little joys

whistling with sigh & shiver 

hush of pine trees

Inspired by my Photo of the Growing Half-Peeled Onion

"Color arrives,
sometimes when
you least expect it."  
Inspired from post from Brain Pickings 

Inspired Poem by W. S. Mervin

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