Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snail ride

snail wants to win race
so he ties yellow, blue, green
balloons till he flies 

sailing above the white clouds

he flies with balloons 
he sees the red flag, so off 
he goes chasing it

sailing above the white clouds

until he recalls, 
his bet with the brown turtle,  
where does he land now?   

Few Miles Haiku Challenge 2012 for the month of February:   Day 12-  Colours - Naisaiku.   This is a fun post for a fun form.

picture credit:  Tera of  Olive Hue Designs


  1. Cute naisaiku and adorable picture!

  2. Fun indeed, poor snail took his eye off the ball.

  3. ha...nice....better tera will be tickled to see her pic...and a fun play on it...that is one bet he might regret depending on how high he is when it pops...

  4. Lovely fun - and the picture is wonderful, a new take on 'pigs might fly'

  5. Yeah, cool story...

    You could say this is a NaiSaiKu Sandwich!


  6. Ha ha! I love this, really made me grin. I had no real thought in mind when I drew it, it was just a funny thought in my head. I like your story for it. :)

  7. Oh so precious ... would make a great story for young children.
    I like the direction you took this challenge.

    (BTW -- each of the 3 "tools" I used gave me the 7 syllable count -- but the fingers confirmed your noted 6 syllables ... I made the change. Thanks for the heads up!)

  8. i agree! absolutely LOVE the whimsy of your poem and the image!

  9. Where does he land now? or does he land? Good Naisaiku..


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