Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Locks and keys

pink, blue, shiny locks 
like fanning peacock feathers,  
catching buyers' eye    


keys in my pocket
like seashells in my white vase,   
fitful goodnight sleep 


there are letters, notes
better kept locked in boxes,
truth can be bitter

Written for Few Miles Haiku Challenge 2012 for the month of February:   Day 9- Paint the Image


  1. Cool...In Paris on the bridge there are locks lovers have left...nice :)

  2. Something should be locked away but others put on display, guess we just have to pick and chose and hope we don't lose.

  3. Phew, I can really identify with the last one!!

    Good thinking!

  4. Awesome triplet. Thanks for sharing. I love the third haiku the most. Locking away ... words and letters that aren't for everyone's eyes. Good job.

  5. Your last little snippet about locking away certain letters? I know, oh, I know!

    Paint This Image in Your Heart

  6. A terrific trio! The last is my favourite.

  7. i like how the keeys in the pocket and shells in the vase bring comfort in that middle one...each one rings true nicely..

  8. I loved your set.. :-)

    Someone is Special


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