Wednesday, April 18, 2012


pink and white blossoms
turn into almonds by bees,
nature's gardener


yellow honeybees
spreading joy in almond trees,
busy gardener

An estimated 1.3 million honey bee colonies nestled in almond orchards are primed to pollinate an estimated 740,000-plus acres of bearing tree blooms. It is an annual rite and picturesque sight in California agriculture and a major precursor to the success or failure of the almond crop.

The demand for honey bee colonies is larger than ever before. Bees are necessary to pollinate almond blossoms, and other crops including blueberries, cherries, and alfalfa seed. Bearing almond acreage in California has increased from 510,000 acres a decade ago to the current 740,000 acre level.

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This is part of the National Poetry Writing Month.
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  1. sometimes there is an amazing GRACE in your Haiku...a great one Grace... :)

  2. Very well studied Haiku.. lovely ..indeed a gardner at work..

  3. Beautiful!!! Such a visual treat in reading!!!
    Lovely Grace!

  4. Lovely! I love honey bees! The other I was taking some pics to my recipes an dthe bees roundn the food LOL I think are special and love honey of course!!

  5. I enjoyed this set of haiku. My favourite line is "spreading joy in almond trees" I found your write interesting too. Facts I didn't know. Thank you.

  6. Wow bees do a ton, nature never ceases to amaze.

  7. Lovely haiku. And I really like the background info on the importance of honeybees to the almond crop. They are probably the most important employees of Blue Diamond, and they do it for love. Awesome.

  8. Love these.. you captured the work of bees in such a beautiful manner

  9. Thought of relating almonds is creative....Beautiful haiku Grace :)

  10. Gardner of beautiful haiku ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  11. To be prosaic about it: Without bees, where would we be?

    About honeybees: “First Light”

  12. A sense of soft, idyllic beauty in your words!

  13. Honeybee as gardner great! Nice read.

  14. Tis the reason the decline of honeybees is startling ... so much would no longer exist!! Love the images of "Nature's gardener" and "Busy gardener"!!

    Day 19 ~~ Treasured Cache

  15. We owe the bees much. (I love almonds.) I like the characterization as gardeners.



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