Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Two bridges

this bridge is a stone cast
pebbling the river below to motion
a cornerstone
with spine of wood and metal 
as sands ripple with small fish
flower blossoms-
field of wheat catches the breeze-
our footsteps mellow from running   
to peering between the rails   


this bridge is a poem
stringing letters without commas
tying words in accordion lyrics
knitting pages without numbers
until ink is carved on pub walls
and bed sheets of snow
for the briefest of moments:
we are butterflies, 
waxing heartbeats
from the same cocoon

Posted for the D'verse Poets Pub - Bridge hosted by Lillian ~

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  1. The second one is so perfect... I feel like this is actually a credo for our pub..
    Love the accordion lyrics...

  2. "our footsteps mellow from running to peering between the rails....LOVE this line! And yes...."this bridge is a poem" ... I'm sitting here mulling that over in my mind, thinking of all the times someone else's words on this site have caused me to think beyond the poem itself and you're right....the poem then becomes a bridge and I make a connection to my own reality or dreams. Really like this second one and here I am....moving beyond those words and relating them to how I think so voila! Your poem is a bridge :)

  3. No commas on you haha, second really jumped out indeed

  4. I, too, adore thee second one, and used some of the same theme for one of my stanzas. Wow, your last three lines are killer /we are butterflies /waxing heartbeats/from the same cocoon; damn rights. Bjorn is bang on. This second stanza could become the coda for the Pub.

  5. Wonderfully structured composition. I believe the two bridge are one.(choices)

  6. Oh my!! Love this piece.. <3 I especially love these lines:

    "for the briefest of moments:
    we are butterflies,
    waxing heartbeats
    from the same cocoon"

  7. YES. We do build bridges of our words. Mightier than sword. Love this, Grace.

  8. as you might surmise I quite like this, being an abolisher of punctuation myself ~

  9. The contrast of definitions is encyclopedic and reverberating all at once. So much time and space in a mere 20 lines.

  10. My goodness this is absolutely breathtaking verse, Grace!❤️

  11. Light-hearted, yet passionate!

  12. It's starting to get that I may need to write some kind of poetry to respond to your work, because regular words just don't cut it.I'm running out of superlatives.You have taken me to the edge of my vocabulary.

  13. sMiLes..
    my friEnd
    perHaps A
    greAtest And
    IS A
    out oF A
    cocoon.. takes
    courAge over words..
    wHeRe liFE becOMes
    of poeTry
    over Form..
    Essence DanceS and SingS Free..:)

  14. two bridges of intertwining media playing out here
    excellent imagery as per

  15. i agree with Bjorn. <3 I love the first one and love the second one more. So beautiful, Grace. <3

  16. The second poem caught my imagination, but I think the first one is my favourite. Very nicely done. Strong imagery.

  17. Lovely. I especially enjoyed the second one.


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