Thursday, January 5, 2017

A gift: A recording of heartbeats

The nights tear me blue
You listen with grateful tears
And gift me with this:  heartbeats
His.  My beloved.
Sunshine spills, tangerine sweet
Melting winter chill, bleak grey

Drum beats - strong, steady.  
I hear his voice, hued with youth,
mischief, and belly laughter-
Four years of silence.
You're not a stranger but kin
Not by blood, but hearts spared, shared-

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Poetry form is Choka hosted by Gayle Walters Rose.  I used the structure of the unit onji (19 syllables):  (5 - 7 - 7) (5 - 7 - 7) per stanza.  Join us when the pub opens at 3pm EST.

I was reading some wonderfully nice stories about heart (organ) donations.  In particular, I was struck with the story of a woman meeting an older man with her young son's heart.   I am a registered organ and tissue donor in Ontario.   If you are not yet registered, consider being a organ donor and make a difference in someone's else life.


  1. A gift of life, heart still beating

  2. What a beautifully told story of sharing hearts...literally. Such an amazing and gracious gift of life. I'm a registered donor too.

  3. Oh, Grace, I love the structure of your Choka - I must try that next time!

    Such gorgeous lines:
    'Sunshine spills, tangerine sweet
    Melting winter chill, bleak grey'.

  4. The thought of that connection between the donor and and the receiver... the creation of a purpose in dying almost. A tragedy and someone saved.. a lovely theme of a poem.

  5. It is a lovely theme, & the message is sterling. Moving along the trail out here, I've encountered several variants of the form, but none of which interrupt the poetic flow.

  6. Play with our imagination. Still our heart beats. Thank you

  7. What a lovely story. I used to teach about organ donation and always feel grateful for the connection between the donor and recipient. We lost a student a few years ago (Suicide) and the only saving grace was that she enabled someone else to live.

  8. What an amazing perspective on organ donation. Well done.

  9. A beautiful gift: that of life!

  10. So poignant...sweet words here of two people's intimate story.

  11. This is a beautiful Choka on the gift of life - I worked in a transplant coordination centre for a few years and volunteered at the Transplant Olympics. It was amazing to see so many people have a second chance through the generosity of others.

  12. heartfelt indeed! I echo Kim - such beautiful colour contrasts in these lines:
    "Sunshine spills, tangerine sweet
    Melting winter chill, bleak grey"

    p.s. I too am an organ donor though age has not preserved me that well ;)

  13. Beautifully written as always Grace.

  14. Beautiful as always, Grace. Your note made the poem richer and more nuanced. :-)

    Happy new year!!!


  15. This is so lovely...and emotional.
    I felt a sense of bittersweet reality at the '4 years of silence.'

  16. Well done Grace, with a new form (for me) thrown into the mix as well.

    This one is paced nicely and the explanation takes it to a higher level, not an organ donor but whole body here. Been so for a decade.

  17. Oooh I especially love a tangerine sweet sunshine and the last two lines!


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