Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Celebrate today

i walk in the warm breeze of orange sunset
the roots of the maple tree follow my trail
over the serene park and green fields

the long awaited summer is finally here 
young children playing, carefree as the wind
teens ambling in groups, stretching new wings

June is a milestone, not just for school close, 
but its also my dad and folk's anniversary month 
and the start of our new life in this country,
7 years ago   

crossroads, small and big, define us 
and bring us to unexpected journeys and challenges
we sometimes don't fully understand  

like seeing the half empty glass, 
until we learn to trust and appreciate 
how far we have come, not just physically 
(like my 13 year daughter who is now as tall as me)
but also emotionally and spiritually

when we see the beauty in the everyday
when we carry with grace the simple tasks
when we take another step forward, then another
when we forgive and accept our limitations 

today is a good day to celebrate
all the good things   

Posted for:   Theme Thursday:   All the Good Things
and Poetry Jam:   Celebrate 

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  1. nice...those three middle stanzas are the meat for me in this...personal, but open enough for all of us to relate too....very cool piece grace...

  2. Sounds like June is a memorable month for you, Grace....bringing many memories to the surface. Scary when one's daughter is as tall as you, isn't it? Especially knowing she will grow still taller. Each day is a good day to celebrate good things. Your poem is a good reminder.

  3. Such a beautifully delivered message of positive goodness! Thank you, Grace. Plus you have mw curious where you're from originally? :)

  4. Learning to trust and appreciate, that's the real trick, isn't it? A wonderful occasion to celebrate! Thanks for sharing this with Poetry Jam this week!

  5. So often we are so busy with being unhappy about what we don't have that we forget to be happy with the blessings we do have. You seem to always be so aware of counting yours. Yes, ever day we are alive, well and loved is a celebration.
    You've come a long way and accomplished so much in 7 years Grace.
    This prose is lovely.

  6. This is a tribute to life, and appreciation, a portrait well painted

  7. Good things well thought about. Just the job!

  8. Yes, indeed! It is good to stop and think about our blessings. Lovely poem, Grace.

  9. So many blessings in life! I enjoyed reading this.

  10. Oh very lovely to read and think about.........and to take time to celebrate "all the good things". Beautiful work, kiddo!

  11. So much can behold in such a time, surely captured it. Nicely done!

  12. Perfectly showing your shades of life ~~

  13. I really liked the line "crossroads, small and big define, us"-that's a great reminder to make the most of every moment on the journey.

  14. very nice, really like the last two quatrains

  15. So true, every day should be celebrated. There is so much beauty in the moment. This is lovely, Grace. (and we both had maple trees in our poems!) :)

  16. It is a good day to celebrate. I can see why June is a special month of celebration for you. I love that you find celebrations in every day life. Beautiful!

  17. So enjoying the positive tone of this piece.

  18. The last four lines stanza is too good....i loved reading this...

  19. Grace this was all beautiful and the last two stanzas really summed it up perfectly. Great poem!

  20. crossroads are defining moments in our lives

  21. Your poem impacts in the very best way ... the second stanza is my favorite!

  22. Always so many small things to celebrate, I agree...


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