Thursday, October 21, 2021

view of the lighthouse, she


wakes up early in the morning

light feet, folding neat her mourning

clothes, sunlight

flickers through the window, swelling

with strange joy of queen bee's dwelling-

the skylight

strokes her skin with sepia gunny

paints her dark-rimmed eyes with honey-

no floodlights

can dim her firm hands to move past

her grief & hold laughter to last-

the firelight

grows despite each stormy night, sure

as stern clock, she waits by the moor

with starlights


From the dVerse Poets Pub


i pull the curtains aside to 

witness the glorious light, you brew

the moondust

over the bubbling sky, darkness

is poised, letting us string stillness

in moonbeams 

under yellow maple trees, we

write poems, sip our tea and plea

with moonsongs 

let the grey clouds wander & slip

let the lake waters rise & dip

the moonstones

shine our faces bright, stark blue

touch our feet with stars, we flew 

with mooneyes

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Poetry Form:  Compound Word Verse.  This is a 15 line poem with the verse (aab rhyming scheme and 8-8-3 meter).  See the example here.  Thanks for the visit and comments.


  1. I love both your examples... the first one we seems to have been on similar tracks of recovery from sorrow. The last stanza made me think of Wuthering Heights...

  2. I love lighthouses, and the first poem really captures some of their most endearing and unusual attributes. I love the moon poem too - a subject which provides endless inspiration!

  3. A lovely flowing narrative I thoroughly enjoyed being carried along with, Grace. Though I especially enjoyed your Moonlighting poem :-)

    1. I agree; "flowing narrative " is the perfect way to describe it.

  4. A beautiful flow, with profound sorrow running through the lighthouse poem Really well done.

  5. A beautiful flow, with profound sorrow running through the lighthouse poem Really well done.

  6. My comment just got eaten! Trying again--I particularly like the first one, which does seem constrained by the form at all. It really flows. I love the title, too, and how you worked it in.

  7. Two great examples of the requested form! Well done.

  8. They are both excellent Grace! This proved to be a fun prompt, thank you — and just enough to think through that it was interesting.

  9. you make it look so easy! This was harder than I thought, but so much fun. Love the flow and wordplay of both poems. 💓

  10. your words flow eloquently, I like both equally ... the set very different moods. Thanks for introducing me to this new format, it was indeed fun

  11. I enjoyed how you connected the stanzas in the first poem.

  12. Grace,
    These are so beautifully formed, the depth of feeling powerfully conveyed in each line. A ravishing read.

  13. Luv moon poem so the second is my favourite
    Absolutly luv this phrase
    "you brew the moondust"


  14. I really enjoyed both, especially the lighthouse. There is something quite magical about them - even their shape is unusual. Now I cannot get her image out of my head.

  15. This is what I mean! The first form does just flow, the form feels very organic and natural. It takes me a few goes to get to that point with a form. Once there, you can just flow with it - I love that. It's very tender.

  16. Both are beautiful, Grace but I am slightly partial to the moon one.

  17. Grace, I especially like the way you ran the title into the poem. Beautiful work and thank you greatly for the prompt.

  18. How beautiful, both of these, each stanza flowing into the next.

  19. I especially like the way the lines flow together in the first one. You don't even notice the rhymes.

  20. There's a lovely mood delicately but richly conveyed in both these poems. You make the form sing in both, but I especially like the flow and variety of expressions in the first.


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