Thursday, October 28, 2021

mirror reflections

in the mirror,

your face 

is staring back at me

a line across your forehead

furrowed as mine

your eyes hardset as gravel

your thin mouth snarling,

a loaded gun

i fear the words tipping

out of my own lips

a thunderbolt

of energy, sharp gust of adrenalin


i tie my curly hair back

as if to rein in myself

amidst the rising

fear and frustration

but when i put my hand

over my heart,



it beats 


soft as raindrops

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - OLN, hosted by Linda Lyberg.  Join us when the pub doors open at 3pm EST.


  1. So beautiful, Grace: that heartbeat is the core of our being, the part we can trust, which guides us through the fear and frustration.

  2. This is so beautiful, Grace. I love the reflection of fierceness and feeling of the heart beating--the soul within.

  3. Grace,
    That vulnerability last stanza comes at us so unexpectedly that it literally leaves us gasping at the pain. I love the way you weave imagery and emotion so seamlessly. Beautifully written.

  4. I feel the duality between the soft raindrops and that anger... maybe you need a bit of both... and there are moments for both.

  5. Reigning in and disarming that snarling mouth, and softening those gravelly eyes, softening that heartbeat by pulling back one's hair...oh, if only
    Great write, Grace.

  6. I feel like she's trying to move from her head to her heart and it's all so beautifully stirring. 💓

  7. I found the imagery of tying your hair back as reins to control yourself very interesting.

  8. Beautiful metaphors, Grace. I love:

    "your eyes hardset as gravel"

    "Your thin mouth snarling,
    a loaded gun"

    "I fear the words tipping
    out of my own lips
    a thunderbolt."

    Really wonderful <3

  9. first i thought maybe you were seeing yourself, your feeling on the surface in contrast with your inner self, and then i thought maybe youre seeing someone else, a relative maybe, who resembles you, but as a person, quite different... (?) love the mystery of this, very well written.

  10. Oh the heartbeat is such a lovely ending. We really are to journey on to love.


  11. The heart has its own eyes, for sure. Still deep waters are such a different vantage -- they are my true north ...

  12. I am suffering badly my sight and arthritis, so I will return soon and read and remark,!

  13. This is nearly cinematic in its strong and ambiguous imagery. I love it!

  14. Such a visceral evocation of anger...My heart followed as the return to the physical heartbeat, the breath, slowed things down. (K)

  15. Mirrors and masks lend themselves so well to poetry like this, introspective and reflective. I have felt this about someone "..your thin mouth snarling,/a loaded gun.." and it's frightening, but your poem takes us past this to a better perspective. Excellent writing, Grace.

  16. I feel a redemption in this ... beautifully penned, Grace. Happy weekend.

  17. Hand over heart, where truth lives. A beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    ~peace, Jason


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