Monday, July 13, 2020

i'm drinking watermelon juice

Sunday afteroon is pouring hot sauce 

         over the charred skin of grilled chicken 

sky is tender blue, rolling fluffy doughs of clouds 

         with hint of playful rain, at bay

i love this season of wilting blooms and and cantalouped-

         cheeked sun, wrinkling my face

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub, Quadrille hosted by Kim  M. Russell.  This prompt is a 44 word post, with the chosen word, BLUE.  Join us as we reopen the pub community after a summer break.  Thank you for your visits and comments.

Happy 8th year Anniversary dVerse Poets Pub!!!


  1. Oh Grace, this is such a happy, relaxed quadrille! I love watermelon and, although I’m a veggie, the image of Sunday afternoon ‘pouring hot sauce / over the charred skin of grilled chicken’ is so evocative of a summer barbecue. I love the phrase ‘cantalouped-cheeked sun’ – I imagine in as one of those illustrations you see in children’s books!

  2. This is so full of joy Grace and I can almost taste that chicken!

  3. A lovely scene and oh those roses!

  4. Oh....wish you were sitting here you would have heard a loud audible "ohhhhhhh" come out from me. This is FABULOUS! And those cantaloped cheeked sun.....delicious to visualize and taste too! :) JUST a wonderful summer poem.

  5. I like your observation of the sun wrinkling the face. It adds a bit of unease to the easy-going sweetness of the poem.

  6. "cantalouped-cheeked sun," is such a stunning image, Grace! Happy eighth dVerse anniversary!💝

  7. An iconic summer day, brilliantly evoked!

  8. I love this piece. Very evocative with the "rolling fluffy doughs of clouds." You nailed this prompt! Well done!

  9. The sun and its cantaloupe skin cheeks ~ love the visual and your poem.

  10. Yesterday I thought of taking a picture of the clouds in the sky, but didn't do it. If I had, I might have written something peaceful like this to go with it. I like that your sky is "tender blue." Lovely image.

  11. Enjoying the summer sun, lovely evocative images, appealing to all the senses
    Happy Monday


  12. Solid work. Esp loved the doughs.

  13. I love this season you create and share here. I can smell the chicken, feel into the tenderness of the sky rolling those white doughy clouds. Gorgeous imagery!

  14. Sumer is a great time to bar b que! Both chicken and people at the pool!! Great summer poem Grace!

  15. Lovely piece, all the senses working overtime - 'the cantaloupe-cheeked sun' is a great image - took me a moment to grasp it. Delicious.

  16. Thanks for inviting us all to the picnic. Love the cantalope-cheeked sun!!

  17. I love everything about this. Brought smiles!

  18. What lovely imagery! (as always)

  19. This is vivid: "cantalouped- / cheeked sun"

  20. Watermelon Blues Perhaps
    If i Lived in Northern Snows
    Hot Chocolate Blues Now
    Where Water Melon Rules
    Heat In Florida Dreams of Snow
    Ice Cream Forgets Fall Winter
    Summer Springs
    PLusT i JusT
    HaD A T-Bone
    Steak Down
    HeaR in Trump
    Town USA They are
    Still Less than 4 Dollars
    A Pound Desert Scarcity Ignorance
    With Heaven True
    Even With
    Man And or
    Woman WayS iN
    Blind Soul Blues
    Fast Becoming Epic
    World Capital of Dumbing Down Disease

  21. Such lovely, palpable images! I can imagine being there with you on a lazy summer day.


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