Tuesday, October 16, 2018

flawed designs

you saunter out 
                     of my depressive mind,
deformed idea
                     muddled in nest of cobwebs
your claws growing 
                       from seed, searching
for warmth
                     or for shaft of light
I hide you from 
                          sunshine and moon- 
eyes of strangers  
                        how could anyone 
assemble you like I do   
you, tarnished with flaws 
                     of all my failed designs   

yet beholding you, 
                              i collect 

every exhale 
                          of red-veined maple leaf
every scar 
                        of rippling river tide
every wings 
                          of promising butterflies
every verse   
                        unsaddled by violent wind 

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Beauty in Ugliness, hosted by Mish.  Join us when the pub doors open at 3pm EST.   Thanks for the visit.


  1. I love this... it's like a scrapbook of those little flaws making life beautiful love love the moon-eyes of strangers...

  2. I've read this over and over. There's something really haunting about it.

  3. I love the movement in the structure of your poem, Grace, and in the verbs, such as 'saunter', assemble', 'collect', rippling' and 'falling'. I also love the image of a 'deformed idea muddled in nest of cobwebs' and the repetition, which conveys the feeling of falling.

  4. Nice lines: "you, tarnished with flaws
    of all my failed designs "

  5. Every little thing adds up in so many a way.

  6. It is a collection of odd, ill-assorted images, like the strange thoughts that tumble out when we're tired.

  7. a compilation of flawed designs....each beautiful in its own way....from nature to the words of verse....the flawed designs lend beauty to the attempt.

  8. Lovely the beauty that [season] change can bring

    much love...

  9. a collection of scattered thoughts that fall beautifully together to reveal how beautiful are all those flaws

  10. All those flaws that add up to beauty. I like your form here as well. I read this three ways - the line with the second line, the first lines on the left and then the third lines on the right. Wonderful!

  11. I thought maybe you were looking in the mirror talking to yourself and writing it all down. We are all flawed designs in many ways. I loved the double effect of your poem. It worked well.

  12. Then again it could be talking about the partner that never quite lives up to expectations!!

  13. The image you chose feels nostalgic as if in from an old textbook...and then I saw those claws! I like where this beautifully malformed piece of nature took you. You truly embraced it.

  14. It's so true - that which makes us vulnerable (weak, as I tell myself) also makes us sensitive - the poetic soul.

  15. A fine poem about human nature. My favorite part was hiding from sunshine and moon-eyes, of course not wanting to be exposed in the light of day but also not even able to bear seeing your flaws reflected, maybe hyperbolized, in others' eyes. This is so raw. And yet here you are. Fully accepting your nature and showing the world who you are.

  16. Lovely Dandelion
    Yellow Sun Bright
    With Ugly Weed Eyes..:)

  17. Flaws have never been this eloquent. So good.

  18. "you, tarnished with flaws of all my failed designs" sums it up nicely...a beautiful poem Grace.

  19. Love the form for stitching together your beautiful poem.

  20. An esoteric meditation on how we respond to our flaws--and what beauty we can find in them, if we allow ouselves to do so. Beautiful write!

  21. Each time I read this it gets better. Flaws in design of art, characters, faces. I particularly loved “hiding from sunshine and moon eyes”.

  22. Lovely poem. I really like the choice in your repetition.


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