Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Chicken soup for autumn

The smells come for me

when I feel low, let down
when I am missing home, coming 

heat wafts my nose, slices 
my belly with steaming chicken 
soup, tickling my insides 
with spices & shrimp dumplings

my heart pumps 
                         sunshine, sticky as sugar
painting all over the house 
                         comfort, sewn by happy memories 

I am snugly warm
watching the      leaves   

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub:   Poetics - Comfort Smells by guest Gina of Singledust.
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  1. You certainly got my olfactory senses lit up; last line is wonderful. I like the form you used, unfettered. Sense memories, especially smells, triggers a flood of imagery.

  2. I am smelling that delicious chicken soup! Homemade, I presume? Isn't it funny how the fall brings back what I call comfort memories? Dreary cold and damp day here in Boston - so for the first time this season, I had tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch -- that's my comfort from childhood lunch :)

  3. I think I sense the way the scent in itself is like a house... there is an inside of comfort and open arms... and seeing the outside through the glass.

  4. The move from emptiness to cosiness is well done. And...chicken soup!

  5. I love the form and the imagery, Grace, which are both so upbeat I can't help but grin! Even though I don't eat chicken, I do appreciate the smell of soup that tickles your insides. I like the almost-internal-rhyme of 'dumplings' and 'pumps'.

  6. I like this phrase:
    "my heart pumps

  7. What a wonderful way to go back home to a home of comfort and love. The smells and tastes - a wonderful journey you have shared with us.

  8. There is a certain scent of home, which you have described so beautifully for us.

  9. such a wonderful memory with smells Grace, chicken soup and sunshine in a home that welcomes heart and belly. love how you describe from simple scents they transform to deep seated pleasure and joy

  10. Sure can curl up with such sights and memory

  11. Chicken soup! Very comforting. Love how your pace rounds us up, bringing us home to comfort.

  12. I love this and fall is the perfect stage for soup!

  13. What a happy, homey scent bubbling over like soup! Thanks for a hearty serving :)

  14. Grace- I wrote about Chicken Soup too -LOL. this is lovely...

  15. Chicken soup seems to cure all ills including loneliness and nostalgia. Very nice.

  16. Ah, the aroma of fresh chicken soup! It warms me up just thinking about it! Your evocative verse conjures up all of the delicious memories I have of enjoying it!

  17. Love the use of personification for the soup tickling your insides. Very creative.


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