Thursday, November 9, 2017

jamming to strawberries fields forever

your skin
is sun-dimpled  
luscious silk that
dipped in petticoats
of cream
or chocolate
or brandy
becomes honeycomb
of sweetness 

i hear you
rinsing under water,
paring green leaves,
& quartering your heart
to vanilla-shaped florets-
readying your
siren song-
we turn to grinning fools
with butterfingers   

tell me,
when the full moon
rises, what will
we do with all this 
stuck in our mouths-
red, of the purest kiss 

Picture credit:  here

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Meeting the Bar hosted by Frank Hubeny ~  Today we are writing about ODES (Poems of praise).     Pub doors open at 3 pm EST.   


  1. Oh how I LOVE this! And YES to strawberries with chocolate skirts, whipped cream aprons, sour cream mustaches. All that juice and oooooh that kiss :) Delectable! <3

  2. I cannot come up with anything to say that will not get me kicked out of here.

    Your erotica is so damn hot.

  3. I love this delicious ode. On one hand it is so innocent and on the other, it is so erotic. I like the innocent side better with the whipped cream aprons. I like that image a lot and reminds me of my grandmother's ruffled aprons she often wore.

  4. So great, and what a good summer memory... we still have jam that I cooked when they were at it's best. And it works well in so many ways.

  5. A wonderful title, Grace, riffing on The Beatles! That is a delicious image of strawberries dipped in petticoats
    of cream and singing a siren song. The ending is sweet with moon, juice and kisses.

  6. I liked those strawberries associated with the "purest kiss" at the end. Nice poem of praise.

  7. Such a delicious and evocative poem!

  8. I have memories of when strawberries tasted of something. This brings them back :)

    1. Such a good point. I want REAL field strawberries, warmed by the sun. Grocery store berries, like you said, taste like nothing.

  9. Ha. I think you brought the heat with those strawberries. I like how you use that lone action verb to start each stanza as well. Very nicely done grace.

  10. Love me some strawberries--smothered in whipped cream, or with chocolate or caramel hats. This is, as noted, a delicious ode, with duplicity & metaphoric splendor too.

  11. Clever, clever title & I just love every luscious bite of this ode!

  12. If I knew strawberries were like that, I'd have eaten them long ago.

  13. I love the way you play with layers of meaning and use such scrumptious, tactile language in your ode!

  14. becomes honeycomb
    of sweetness

    So nice to think something sour can turn out sweet!


  15. Makes me long again for the fresh strawberries! Wonderful!

  16. I love what you did for strawberries, Grace. They are my favorite. I like that they have petticoats at times. I can still get fresh ones but they cost more!

  17. oh this is such a delicious song of praise "dipped in petticoats
    of cream" yummy!

  18. So delicious this- I especially liked "what will we do with all this juice stuck in our mouths." Swoon!

  19. omg, everyone else gets poetic but reading this just makes me really hungry for strawberries! yum!

  20. What a tribute to such a legend-worthy fruit. And I hear the Beatles in my head, again! :)

  21. Oh, hey. I suddenly sing the song.


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