Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Thank you


To the aged librarian down the hallway:

Who thought it was cool that I had

clouds on my hair & detective glass

when reading books during lunch time

Who smiled at me when I would

return a book on time & borrow it

again, because he knew it was my favorite

From you, I learned 

the secrets of lost languages & uncharted

lands between the dusty shelves of the library 

To you, who gifted me with  

"a quote, a thimble of poems, hand me

a way to set sail"

I have found the ship filled with stories

and wild things, that I have decided to 

keep on sailing, forever looking out for pirates

*quoted lines from Bjorn Rudberg's Navigating Uncharted Seas, from The Aged Librarian series

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Friends in Blogosphere - hosted by Punam.  The library was my sanctuary growing up and I have made friends who share the same love for books and poetry.   Thank you friends!


  1. LOVE THIS! Directed to the Aged Librarian down the hall.....AND using a line from one of Bjorn's poems about the Aged Librarian! PERFECT!

  2. grrr....that anonymous comment is lillian! Hate it when it does that. sigh

  3. I love how you took Bjorn's line and made it your own personal story! Well done, Grace!

  4. I recognised Björn’s aged librarian straight away, Grace; a good choice, and I admit I was tempted to use something of his too. I love the image of you with ‘clouds on my hair & detective glass / when reading books during lunch time’, and the ‘uncharted lands between the dusty shelves of the library’. Books and libraries and wonderful things.

  5. Simply delightful and a fine tribute to Bjorn and naturally, the aged librarian. Love the imagery you've composed and the lines you've chosen from Bjorn's works.

  6. I love it, and it made me take a look at that poem, I am so happy to be there pretending to be the librarian.


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