Tuesday, September 6, 2022

list of summer's bounty


my lazy left eye draws

the half-moon, a solandis 

as i capture the last of summer's bounty-

peachness of ripe oranges  

abundance of tomatoes in boxes 

fallen rose petals

a susurrus of the cool breeze

slow drawl of honey bees

burble of chickadees on red barbarry shrub

babble of racing black squirrels

bloom of the last yellow bud of cucumber 

greeness of rotting crab apples

empyrean of sunlight on fading grass

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub- Poetics - There's a word for that, hosted by Mish.  Join us when the pub doors open at 3pm.  


  1. This is absolutely a sensory delight! The sounds in lines 7 through 10 ... I can hear them through your words. And then I come back to the wonderful visuals. A wonderful poem indeed.

  2. Your poem is a wonderful appeal to the senses, Grace. I enjoyed picturing the fruit and the bright colours – it’s dark here – and the sounds of the breeze, honey bees, chickadees and squirrels – it’s also very quiet.

  3. Oh my, each word slipped in so beautifully, Grace. Still...I love "peachness of ripe oranges".

  4. You have painted us an amazing picture with your words

  5. You had me at "burble of chickadees on red barbarry shrub". Your sensual adieu to summer is a delight to experience. None of the words felt forced; smile.

  6. I love the colours in this one, and the peaceful pace of the poem, gently letting us into autumn.

  7. Grace you effected such smooth integration of the words. This is a beautiful time of the year and your poem sings it.

  8. Grace, I like your list. It does justice of the picture you posted; I don't have a scintilla of thoughts where it might be. My favorite is the "susurrus of the cool breeze" as it only appeals to once of the senses, we cannot not even see it or from who or what it came. Only a feel, touching it. The others we could see the perpetrator.

  9. "empyrean of sunlight on fading grass."
    - I like how something from the sky (empyrean of sunlight) is reflected upon something of the earth (fading grass).

  10. Very beautifully done, Grace! Your summer harvest descriptions are perfect!

  11. I felt peaceful reading this. Lovely how you got all those words to pain just the right images. Thanks. Lovely. Xo, Selma.

  12. What a delight for the senses your poem is, Grace! I love the pictures you painted.


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