Tuesday, September 13, 2022

rocket man


let's wander under the skirts of the stairs

& the elbows of the turrets

& spiral down to the edge of the dark forest 

my blue suit is ready for flights of imagination

my hand draws axis on sun windows and 

arching bridges to nowhere points

i have pinpointed a planet-

a belt with a red moon and young stars-

i drink your green bowl of solace

as you zip up my meandearing compass

my launch lug is filled with your lush meadow

and melancholic dove songs

i am ready to blast off to  

the skelter helter sky & stardust

my moonflower queen-

you can be sure of one thing:

there is no home like


Credit:   Lee Madgwick

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - The strange houses of Lee Madgwick, hosted by Sarah.   This is my choice, among the 5 photos we are to write about.  Pub doors open at 3pm EST.


  1. Oh I love this... made me think of Ziggy Stardust and the way space continue to fascinate... maybe one day we have to escape our planet though

  2. Oh, so many wonderful lines in this - I particularly liked the spiral down to the edge of the dark forest, and those bridges. And that ending is just fabulous.

  3. What a flight of words, Grace! Love the ending.

  4. I admire how you have turned the essentially down-spiralling of a helter-skelter, into a flight to the stars!

  5. Bravo. Luv the helter skelter image


  6. Such a brilliant love poem, Grace, dancing with phrase of the image.

  7. i drink your green bowl of solace--lovely.

  8. The whole poem is wonderful! Traveling the universe you are ready to blast off on an adventure.

  9. Very nice. Love your take on the pic

  10. I love the intriguing poem you have composed and the story of fantasy and anticipation. Well done, Grace!

  11. I did one on the same image...love your take on it!

  12. Wandering and spiraling with a moonflower queen. I agree - Ziggy Starburst vibes :)

  13. This poem is amazing, and your cover photo is stunning :)

  14. I like the red moon and young stars.

  15. Grace,
    I can't help but think that "my hand draws axis on sun windows" is a description of you writing poetry: multicolored and beautifully, transportingly unique.

  16. Love the feeling of this piece Grace. I am ready for your vountdowb to blast off — excellent writing! 👍🏼🙂✌🏼❤️

  17. Yes, Let’d wander the stars guided by your poetic rocket lighthouse home. A very creative response to the prompt. seanatbogie

  18. How magical! What a journey that would be.

  19. I love this flight of fantasy, Grace, about the rocket man and his moonflower. It's amazing to me how your mind conjured it from this image!

  20. Quite beautiful choice of words and imagery! "i am ready to blast off to the skelter helter sky & stardust"---can I buy a ticket?

  21. Magical writing to the image with colors and angles and luscious mysteriousness.


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