Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ten secrets

I.       You fold me
         in secret places
         with your words 

II.      I am burning red
         among yellowing leaves
         an apple
         made lusciously ripe
         by your secret thoughts
III.     The tongue itches
         prickling under thorns 
         as marauding bees descend 
         You regurgitate         
         spilling the secrets of seeds 

IV.    The taste of spice  
        of a stolen afternoon
        The music that springs
        By the strum of your hands         
        My love, the secrets we serenade to              
V.     The starlings weave
        a million of them over the lake
        a dance
        to a music
        only the wind secretly plays 

VI.    This bleeds
         inside, gaping blue despite
         your attempts to stitch it close
         Teeth, elbows, claws
         This secret lives 

VII.    Your heartbeat is my music 
         Opening me to secrets 
         of sky and faithful earth

VIII.    Kiss by kiss 
          You unwrap me
          As blackbirds flew
          Under secretive eye of the moon  

IX.     You sugarcoat it
         With cinnamon & vanilla 
         Richly layered with strawberries 
         Still the stink of your dark
         secret haunts

X.      I paint my secrets
         with autumn jewelled hues
         and seal them with beeswax-
         Death, pry them loose from my stiff hands
         and throw them to the river gorge

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - OpenlinkNight hosted by Gayle ~  Written in the style of Wallace Steven's poem:   Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird
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  1. Oh my -- 4, 8 and 9. Mostly 4 -- delectably sensuous!

  2. I love the way this works its way, step by step. Nicely written.

  3. I love this the whole way through, Grace! Sensual and colourful, it's not cubist - more Hundertwasser or Klimt in its richness.

  4. A pas de deux of lovers dancing around secrets both passionate and destructive. Beautiful expressions.

  5. I think this is one of the best 13 ways (okay, 10) poems that I've seen. Especially like 1, 4, and 5! Yessir, or M'am

  6. Can't beat a stolen afternoon, sure words to make one swoon

  7. Numbers 5 and 10 are spectacular. Sensual and yet at the same time, some distance and objectivity is read.

  8. I love your list of secrets especially number four...or maybe there is no favorite, they're all so good!

  9. Thank you for letting us drift in these treasures for this while

  10. How lovely...especially love the last one!

  11. The effect of all these secrets is stunning. Each a little story... and of course there is a hidden blackbird inside.

  12. "I paint my secrets
    with autumn jewelled hues
    and seal them with beeswax-"

    Aaaaah. This is soooo beautiful, Grace!

  13. Wow, Grace! Honeyed secrets are sweet but some haunt us like a blackbird's shadow.

  14. love how you show that secrets can be both positive or negative...and even how they are hard to keep sometimes.

  15. Grace, love each snippet with its sensual imagery of the season and the secrets kept. Beautiful.

  16. Oh my yes, Grace! Each a master work on its own. Together? Wonderful!

  17. Death, pry them loose from my stiff hands
    and throw them to the river gorge

    It will come with a big shock definitely!



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