Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The fire beast

A friction, a snap
the beast was awakened 
with fires on its tongue 
hungry for fuel

As dry wind crackled its brows
the sun bellowed 
hotter and meaner 
the beast's appetite grew for 
more & more food

Plumes of smoke covered its body
As he crashed doors & houses to pieces
He knew no boundaries, no fences
With breath drunk with rage  
He scarred the earth blackest of nights

No one can hold back the beast

as he thunder-roared
an ocean of flames
until all were charred dust, a barren land
once more

Some doors are meant 
(not) to be opened-

Picture credit:   Lillian

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  1. As raging fires consume, this is a timely piece. My nephew was living in the mountains outside Denver and his cabin was the only thing spared within miles. It stood there desolate and charred. This is a very powerful piece.

  2. Love this. And that it could be fantasy, could be a drunken father, or some other horror behind closed doors.

  3. I love the numerous possible interpretations that your poem offers, Grace. Indeed some doors are meant to remain closed.
    Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  4. As I read this, am left thinking, about the monstrous fire that's burning eastward, from Ft. McMurray, towards the border with Saskatchewan. Mercifully, only 2 people have died, as a result of it. But, it will be several weeks, before local authorities will let anyone, back in. The fire fighting crews, can only direct it, as the fire temperature have been report at 1000 C.

    1. I was thinking of this when I wrote this. In the final analysis, it is part of the cycle of nature. With earth to ashes, its time to begin again ~ Thanks for the visit ~

  5. Excellent poem - it could be a person - it could be fire - its definitely a great read.

  6. Lots of leeway in this fine piece, wildfire, tornado, drunken relative, shrew with bi-polar issues off her meds. But human nature alone sinks us. When a door is marked, DO NOT OPEN, the temptation is overwhelming.

    1. True, nature alone is awe-inspiring ~ And that last line, it can be a great temptation indeed ~ Thanks Glenn ~

  7. I thought of Ft. McMurray, that is just too fresh on my mind. Powerful poem

  8. Just the title let me know where this was going. I am so sad for the people in Alberta so affected by this--there are so many things over which we are powerless. You've captured it in this poem.

  9. Powerful! Fire is not only the destructor, but also that which brings such a new start... after the hell is gone. Very well done, Grace.

  10. Never awaken the beast if you're not ready to face it.
    This is awesome!

  11. Thought at one point this was an abusive father, but then saw that this could be a fictional monster or so much more. A great bit of writing!

  12. I love that this is so open to interpretation by the reader. A thriller of a poem

  13. You spoke of this fire before in previous posts. It can be a terrible beauty too.

  14. Appetite is a beast indeed as your poem powerfully describes.

  15. Makes you wonder what could be behind there, either way, wouldn't want to open the door.

  16. SMiLes..
    i wouldn'T
    be surprised
    to date.. iF God
    don't sEnd A bEast
    liKe GodZillA
    tO tEach
    A lesSon
    fOr tranSgresSinG
    aGAINsT Life
    iN God's
    NatUre hOMe NoW
    ouT oF BalanCinG
    wRitE noW.. oH..
    DoorS noW to
    HeaVen alReaDy
    openED.. hUmans
    creaTe A heLL
    iN doorS

  17. I think this beast as a metaphor is something we already have released... I can feel his breath and just like Pandora's box there is no way to close it again.

  18. Beautiful . . . sometimes I wonder if there's not a beast living inside of me.

  19. I thought about you as I watched the news. Be safe. Be well. Beautiful tribute piece.

  20. Raging wildfire is a dangerous beast...well writ!

  21. A powerful expression of the shock and awe the whole country felt as the beast of fire roared its way into the nation's consciousness.

  22. Yes, so many ways to read & interpret this beast, but
    "Some doors are meant
    (not) to be opened-". Excellent write, perfect ending!

  23. Who or what do you blame for opening that particular door? The weather, the climate of the past decade, or the disruption of the earth for profit. I doubt it be a cosmic payback for anything but it is a dragon. And we all know dragons are hard to tame even them that do not breathe fire.


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