Saturday, June 29, 2013

maybe this is what we need right now

i see birds by my window tree, 
        dappled in leaves & sun   
how freely they glide about 
        in the gentle morning light-  

my thoughts flew to 
        what my 2nd son told me last night:  
he lined up amidst the Toronto crowd, 
        to get a "hug" from a woman-

who is she, I asked, imagining  
        maybe she is like
godmother fairy with a magical wand or 
        a royal pink-cheeked princess, but no

she is 50 year old plus woman & her gift is
        a "hug" 

for less than 10 seconds & 
       he said that he felt 
that the whole world 
       hugged him back -- 

i quickly googled the name, AMMA & saw
       a mother's face, grayish hair 
with black eyes & red/white third eye between brows-
       white garbed like a dove- 

she is considered the living 
       "Hugging Saint" from India, known for her 
charitable work, and university for 17000 students - 
       people enthrust her with money, to do what
governments with red tape & protocol can't do, 
       building a formidable empire in US/worldwide - 

she is here for a 4 day weekend, 
       giving away her blessings freely 
like mother nature, i said-
       thinking of summer burnishing the garden in colors -

we shouldn't treat people like 
       Gods because they provide us with our needs, my hubby warns 
& i recall cult-like groups getting money from poor & gullible &
       slyly building big mansions in exclusive villages, mistaking

their power to be exclusive from God, egos swelling  
       high up in their gold gilded churches -  
but don't we play God in our own lives - 
       when I swat a fly to death or dust away the spider's web  - 

or when a skilled doctor saves the life of a frail child
       and a grateful mother kneels at his feet -
we all have these circles of energy & light with/
       in, to uplift others like seeds in the wind-
maybe what the world needs 
       is not another enchanted kingdom or castle
with a prince with a sharper sword & bigger white horse 
       but just  

a mother's tender embrace - 
     a wordless hug - 

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  1. smiles...a saint of hugs sounds like a wonderful thing...and if the blessing is in the hug...making us feel all the closer as a world, i will take husband is right, we have to watch who we make gods...and the power we give them as well...more hugs would def make it a better world, i think...smiles.

    1. I think hugs would be good all the time ~ Thanks Brian ~ Smiles ~

  2. This is beautiful, Grace! Indeed perhaps this IS just what we need. Imagine how wonderful it would be for the world if this concept spread. Hugging truly IS a powerful thing!

  3. I lovbe hugs, and special hug always touched me! Amma comes to Chile a times ago a nd lot of people waith for a hug from her!!

    Sometimes all we need is a big hug! and God know of course!
    I send you a big hug dear Grace:)

  4. hugs, love, generosity is magic. A king of magic we're all capable of giving. And some find it god or religion, if it's about giving and loving, share the hug.

    Love the honesty and contemplation here, Grace.

  5. we def. need a society that hugs rather than hits or judges.. and yeah..certainly not another castle, not another prince or ruler, just people that are there for each other

    1. If only that would be ideal ~ Thanks Claudia ~

  6. Grace, this brought me close to tears. What a wonderful mission that woman has. I truly believe we have so much power to bring healing to our world so here's a virtual hug for you and anyone with whom you want to share it, and thank you for this one. Truly magical.

  7. 12 hugs a day> aprescription Lovely one, Grace

  8. Grace, to put it simply: beautiful. We all need hugs... more than ever. Wonderfully penned, great message. As always, a treat to read.

  9. Several years ago I received a hug from Amma. It seemed endless though it was only 10 seconds. But in that time, I experienced something indescribable...something like pure love, or no time, just being. Well, it was indeed magical and mystical. She's not a god to me. But a very special lady. Glad your son experienced it.

    I love the wise words of your poem.

    1. How lucky for your Myrna ~ Thanks for the visit ~

  10. A hugger could sure be a heart tugger. Unless they are germy, then my ocd would get squirmy haha

    1. I don't know how she does it but she hugs a lot of people ~

  11. This reminds me of the sort of creepy guy who I saw in NYC wearing a sign that said "Free Hugs". At least this woman seems genuine. It's kind of a cool concept in a way - for a mother to hug "the universe".

    Nicely written as usual :)

    1. I believe its more like an acceptance and affirmation ~ Thanks Gretchen ~

  12. Lovely. I believe I saw a movie that had a woman with similar background but with an evil twist. I love that this woman's hug feels like the world hugging back. We can all use more hugs and less castles...and guns and wars.

  13. Grace this is so lovely! We definitely al play God in our own lives. Lately I have been thinking about why I feel entitled to swat a mosquito.

  14. Never EVER underestimate the power of a hug. Where can I queue...?

  15. As I listen to Eno - Another Day on Earth and read your pen... Shay uncorked a genie... Maybe this hug will help him return. :)

  16. I never heard of this woman before, and my first reaction would be to be suspicious .. But hugs has to be good I think .. Lot of hugs yesterday and it works to get closer to friends I hadn't seen in years.. Loved your poetry ;-)

  17. Sometimes a warm hug is all we need

  18. We could always use a hug. That's why she's so popular. :-)

  19. we all have these circles of energy & light with/
    in, to uplift others like seeds in the wind-

    ,,.You have found the "secret" to a better world. Very interesting woman... it's a shame that one (and I would too) doubts her sincerity.

  20. Hugs complete the desire to be near and touching! There is a certain fulfillment when coupled with the spiritual nuances. Amma (meaning Mother)seems ok but be wary of those who end up grabbing all of other's wealth. Great take Grace!


  21. I have not heard of this - what an interesting story - and who doesn't love a hug! K

  22. There is no doubt in my mind how desperately the earth and all of its inhabitants need hugs at this time.
    I have received hugs from this woman/saint/Mother. I used to live down the street from her ashram in Santa Fe, NM. I was able to go when it was a smaller crowd and fairly calm. Now, one must travel to Albuquerque and take a number.....that's how badly we want our Mother....

  23. So well-said and expressed Grace. The world DOES need this right now. It's beautifully infections...

  24. Thanks for sharing this story, Grace; there are so many possibilities of doing good turns every day...passing it on as they say, and we need to practice them as often as we can. Well written of course.

  25. As she has been at this for awhile now I doubt there fraud or feelings of godhood involved. everyone has their own road to walk and this one is simply hers. *shrug*


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