Monday, May 20, 2013

For the children

Centennial Flame
Ottawa, Ontario 05/19/2013

Let the children gather the warmth  
         from flames wrought of war-torn nights-  

Let their innocent smiles & joy 
         heal the anger and walls that divide us- 

Where we have come from,
         are stamped on our faces & skin of different hues-       

But we have journeyed here, 
         at a great cost, foregoing own kin & history-     

Where we build anew - seeding the ground with water-   
         embracing the common & similar ties, blessed are our children.   

Grace @Everyday Amazing
The Parliament, Ottawa City

~ Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians ~  

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  1. Happy Victoria Day to you too! The child in me--and in all adults--will respond to this poem. The children become what we model for them ...

  2. What nice and lovely poem Grace and love the picture, I love it!

  3. Yeah kids are always the way, to hopefully a brighter day

  4. Yes, Happy Victoria Day to you n' yours!
    Well done Grace~
    We need to plant a lot of seeds to water our future~
    Love this view

  5. It takes great courage to begin anew, however and wherever we do it.........and so often, we do this for our children. Lovely, Grace.

  6. Children above anything else, one can never go wrong. Wonderful take Grace!


  7. Tenderely written sweet Grace. Your heart shines through these words.

  8. i would hope that our children find the world a better place...and that they take what we give them and make something more of it...i hope...happy victoria day...

  9. Seems we have days for everything: mother's day, father's day, worker's day etc.. Every day should be children's day.

  10. Lovely picture and even lovelier verse..

  11. Happy Victoria Day to you, too, Grace. So few people remember this holiday began as Queen Victoria's birthday. Now in Alberta they call it "the May long weekend"!
    Thanks for an all-Canadian reminder of what our country means to us.

  12. Grace these are effusive verses! Brilliant writing ! Sorry I haven't been around ~life has been rough but am certainly your fan!

  13. Grace, a lovely picture, but a lovelier poem. Children don't become racists unless provoked by ignorant parents... they are so accepting. We adults could take a page from the book, for which this poem serves as a prelude.

    Peace, Amy

  14. May they stay blessed and let us not ruin them with pride and nationalism and other foolish things that we were forced to feel. May they be the first North American generation to grow up without a war to call theirs.

    Grace if you stand in front of parliament facing it and look off to your right in the direction of the Governor Generals palace, between there and there you will be looking in the general area of where I spent many a summer on Victoria Street.

  15. happy victory day grace...and love how you focus on the people that make a land what it is...and on the kids that carry it into the future

  16. ...let the city of wild... be a home for a child... smiles.... loved it...!!!:)

  17. And in our children, lies hope...

  18. This is nice, Grace. Children build their world and their lives as an interpretation of what they see and experience. They love fire too. You stated it all very well.

    Thank you for peeking in on my poem. I am sorry to be so late in returning.

  19. this is beautifully stirring. children are inspirational. i've learned this recently, with a 3 month old daughter. fantastic to read you again:)


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