Tuesday, November 28, 2017

3 stitches of change


my wings are shy
blooming rust as sky
change is the wind 
whizzing under my feet-
i must jump & glide
or die-


first snow-
flake upon pine cones-
shadows grow, a bracelet
of wires on changing sky


sound of train is patience
as i gave him
my free Tim Horton's coffee card-
he stopped his guitar singing and
tucked it carefully
in his inner jacket-
his wide smile changed his face
& mine- 

Posted for dVerse Poetics- Change - Hosted by Paul Scribbles ~   Pub door opens at 3pm EST.  Thanks for joining us.


  1. Giving will do that. It affects both the giver and receiver. I wish we had more buskers. Not necessarily the down trodden but those just sharing music.

    Jump glide or die. A most appropriate way to accept change. Othrrwise you can get baked in a squat.

  2. Three delightful stanzas full of depth and fine imagery. Wonderful answer to the prompt Grace.

  3. I do love the giving.. and what better thing to give than the warmth of coffee... love the mid one too. The first snow is always a delight to think about.

  4. Just gorgeous, Grace! I love the 'shy blooming rust', the 'bracelet of wires' and the final stanza spread warmth around my otherwise chilly desk. :)

  5. Giving a little sure can make ones day.

  6. I liked the 'bracelet of wires' too. These stanzas are so light and graceful.

  7. Three beautiful changes Grace, your third stanza is my favourite, especially 'his wide smile changed his face
    & mine'

  8. As the Beatles sang," the love we take should equal the love we make." Your three glimpses of change are remarkable wordsmithing & diverse points of view. Another winner for you, my dear.

  9. You do these short poems so well Grace. I loved that you gave your coffee card to the busker. Being kind affects us as well as the person to whom we gave the kindness. Graceful and love these three stanzas are. "first snow-
    flake upon pine cones-" You know how I love snow and especially the first snow. these lines set the tone for the rest of the poem.

  10. Fascinating writing here, Grace! You start with the ephemeral of seasons and move to the fleeting and essential in that last stanza. Brilliant!

  11. These 3 stanzas were lovely, made me smile. You changed my face :)

  12. I like how a smile can change people's faces.

  13. Love this- the metamorphosis from the inner life to the outer world to a real connection with another person. Really nice!

  14. I love your little snippets. Each is a joy to read.

  15. Brilliant as always, Grace. You reminded me of one of my own giving experiences many years ago, in which I gave a grapefruit to a homeless woman in the middle of an episode. I still remember her "thank you."

  16. I read. I reread. Not because I had to. But because I HAD to. Excellent!

  17. Lovely verse - and the three visions - the three aspects of change - very clever.

  18. The diphthong assonance of the first really emphasizes the urgency to change, the sound itself transforming as much as one can.

  19. I like how you made this poem in 3 parts. Also, the ending is very nice. A small act of kindness can change a lot for someone and even brighten your own day.

  20. A very kind gift. It's amazing what a small yet thoughtful action can do.


  21. Awesome images pinned to a splendid story.


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