Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Chicken soup

There's a soup of tender bones
It is chicken butchered 
broth simmering with dumplings 
in fried garlic & coriander leaves

Vegetables swim with leeks 

and parsley, each ladle a hot
liquid on tongue, each sip
a flavor of long afternoon's sun

A chicken soup to comfort my aches
A chicken soup to celebrate my joys
My native motherland's soup
brims my stomach of fullness

Last night, I boil fresh chicken soup   
warming the kitchen of familiar scents  
as bitter winter of January blows & blows 

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub -  Poetics - Scents that Linger by Kelly ~   Happy New Year !!!!

Picture credit:   here ~ Here in Canada, we are feeling the winter chill at -15 C yesterday & -11 C today~


  1. I do understand how such smells can bring you back.. I have had chicken soup in Asia, and it's something so different from the thin broth we get here... So good you can make the scents come alive again...

  2. Yes, there is something so memorable about those soups of childhood, I think. My mother used to make chicken soup too! Also corn chowder with ham. Your poem is a warm embrace in this cold month.

    1. A warm embrace it is. I agree completely. Chicken soup is big in my country. I do not happen to like it, but it does bring me memories of my childhood.

  3. Brims my stomach of fullness... love that line and the way it spills the whole poem into new territory. Chicken soup is always such a balm to the soul, yes? Hope it warms you up!

  4. Comfort food at its best! Flavoursome and hearty scent of a poem.

  5. Brims my heart with fullness, this poem does. My mother, father, and grandmother all made chicken soup differently and they all smelled differently. I could close my eyes and without looking, tell who had made the soup in the bowl. And now I make my version, more Asian than Southern but I still smell those soups and how they brought comfort and warmth. This poem makes my heart warm with your memories.

  6. Oh yes, the mother's soups simmering all day would welcome us at the door, chili, clam chowder, tomato, & french onion; nothing like cooking smells to transport us backward. One never forgets the smell of fried liver & fish in apartment house hallways. I like your lines /each sip/a flavor of long afternoon's sun/.

  7. Mmm. Home-made chicken soup is one of the best scents in the world. I can't even think of that scent without thinking of my mom in the kitchen :-)

  8. Your poem is as warming as my mother's soup was

  9. A comforting and delicious repast!

  10. Soups in the cooler winter months are just so good ...

    All the best Jan

  11. Ahhhh, my, I could not only smell it, I could taste it too...fab poem

  12. That line about garlic and coriander leaves is wonderful... it makes me both smell and taste it!

  13. Good way to thwart the cold. So far that cold here hasn't lingered too much. You can keep it lol

  14. oh, wondrous, yummy chicken soup!

  15. Ah yes, chicken soup can be a comfort at times :D
    Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  16. Happy New Year dear Grace all the best for you!!
    I love chicken soup :) :)

  17. A lovely memory, Grace. I know very well that comforting smell (and taste) of chicken soup. My mother made chicken and rice and chicken soup with dumplings, both superb as I'm sure is yours.

  18. i salivate at the mention of the vegetables and garlic and see the spice seeds from the pic which makes my salivary glands become heightened. i'm a visual eater also.

    gracias for sharing your meal

  19. Yummy! and everyone has their own version.

  20. Great job on the prompt, Grace..a scent we all can identify with. Whenever walking down the street and smelling all the different aromas from restaurants, it's harder to tell which is which; it all smells so good. Chicken soup is for the soul, of course.

  21. a beautifully aromatic poem with nostalgia....

  22. Lipton
    air ways
    of what to
    do when wife
    and i are sick
    but get
    of packages
    oh! when she
    can't cook..:)

  23. tasty poem
    good luck

  24. Warm ...and the scent that is connected with motherland is always sweet!

  25. You made those chicken soups heal us in the reading again.

  26. Chicken soup is a comfort soup...I could use a big bowl today!

  27. Why do people fan their kitchens free of cooking smells? Your chicken soup or the beef stew which is simmering here - the scents are sometimes even better than the meal!

  28. being under the weather, this made me salivate. just lovely, Grace. And happy new year ~

  29. It only took your beautiful description to fill my tummy with warm chicken soup! Thank you.

  30. This beautiful poem resonates so much with me right now. I actually have a huge pot of broth simmering on the stove this very moment - the smell is filling our house and I cannot wait to try it later :)
    Hot soup is the best on a chilly winter day :)
    Have an amazing Sunday, Grace.
    Lots of hugs to you,


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