Thursday, September 15, 2011


water crashing shore
never ending weaving
time and motion

roar of waves
singing, dancing in
unbroken rhythm

seashells on grey sands
swept by morning rush   
waits for turning tide

green algae float
salty brine flowing
streams into streams

swirling, crushed corals
clinging to soles of feet 
dusting footprints in sand

a pebble flies into air  

Author's Note:   I don’t know where it will land.  Some changes in my work life are coming.   More demanding and technical job in another city further away from home. 

I will know by next week.  

Posted for Poetry Jam - hosted by Dani and Flash Fiction Friday with G-man.  Yes, my other blog :-)


  1. best wishes for where your life journey next takes you!

    this is a really stunning poem, Grace! i love the way each stanza offers another description. we never know where the pebbles will land.

    dani ♥

  2. Thanks Dani ~ wonderful prompt ~

  3. Heaven...? Grace?

    How enlightening...hehehehe.

    Loved your Oceanic 55.
    You have come such a long way in such a short time. Even if you job takes you away, don't forget about us OK?

    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. Great feel of the ocean here, making the crash of the wave in the picture real, scattering shells and pebbles.

    Best of luck with your new endeavors.

  5. You take me back to last summer. Sigh. It wasn't that long ago.

    - Alice

  6. i hope that the changes still allow you to dip the muse...and do not affect your family life adversely...

    a very descriptive piece, i like the textures...

  7. Beautiful descriptive words. I was drawn in closer with every line. Great job!

  8. I hope the changes are good and welcome ones. Lovely 55!

  9. Avery visual poem. I enjoyed reading it.

    Here i my entry:

  10. How lovely this blog is! And how lovely the poem, that has me absolutely craving a day at the Oregon coast. My husband and I were to go for our anniversary but other life events cancelled the trip. So I really appreciate this beautiful mental vacation.

    Nothing like being a pebble flying in the air! A great analogy to that betwixt-and-between state of change. Best to you these days...

  11. Beautiful!!
    All the best for your new life.. :)

    many hugs xo

  12. I was enjoying the images & then you tossed that pebble - that was an excellent way to end the poem & point to your changes. I wish you well!


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