Tuesday, April 11, 2023

spring fever


i have yellow fever

after spotting the egg-white moon

hiding behind the golden hair of willow trees

i hurry to garnish

marigold and calendula seeds in pots

the spring air is here

licking our faces with sugar rain

our skin is hungry for the heat

of sun, wheat fields, maple 

syrup running down bare maple trees

i can see daffodils buds & blue ivy stalks

& hostas leaves sprouting

where winter ice has torched it bare 

now, light lingers long into the night

marking the time for potting &

tilling the soil moist & ready for flowers

i can imagine the ripeness

i can smell the flowers

pink, blue, red, apricot, cream & specially

yellow ones 

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Poetics: Everything Yellow, hosted by Sarah Connor.  Thanks for your visits and comments.


  1. An explosion of colour - I love your use of yellow words, and the burgeoning spring of your poem is just delightful. I really like the use of "yellow fever" - it's a great line to start with - arresting and playful in the way you develop it. Lovely writing.

  2. This is incredibly gorgeous writing, Grace! πŸ’– I especially admire this part; "the spring air is here/ licking our faces with sugar rain/our skin is hungry for the heat of sun, wheat fields, maple syrup running down bare maple trees." 😍😍

  3. I love the way you describe that feeling right before the spring is exploding, I can feel the energy in all those buds ready to explode.

  4. You’ve filled your poem with spring fever, Grace, a gardener’s dream, and so much colour! And I love the thought of spring air ‘licking our faces with sugar rain’.

  5. Love everything about this....wonderful imagery. I am especially smitten by these words:
    "the spring air is here
    licking our faces with sugar rain"
    These words just make me smile :)

  6. Ah! The gardener's rapturous words are such a delight! Grace, gorgeous writing.

  7. You've captured the relief of winter's end and a promise realized in spring. Such an uplifting poem, Grace.

  8. So many of your poems are about seeds and planting. I'm glad you'll be able to get on with it soon. It's already too late here, everything is flowering and the ground is baked too hard to dig. (this is Jane btw not anonymous)

  9. Very nicely done, Grace. Hang in there. Spring yellow is moving up your way... It won't be long now.

  10. I really like "licking out faces with sugar rain" and "i can imagine the ripeness."

  11. Splendid poem. I especially liked the line, "light lingers long into the night"

  12. An intense longing for the sun.
    Happy you dropped by my blog.


  13. hiding behind the golden hair of willow trees is a great way of seeing the blooming spring

  14. Yellows here warm the springtide everywhere one looks, or takes the time to, wan and mellow and growing.

  15. I love, love the lush ripeness in your poem .... Thank you for leaving me a comment!

  16. Wonderful sense of anticipation

  17. Beautiful poem, Grace. It made me hungry for sugar rain. (ChuOnThis) πŸ˜‹πŸ’›

  18. i can smell the flowers
    & specially yellow ones

    While yellow is not overly loud it gets better mentioned from the rest. Nothing attractive from being associated with sourness, still it holds out on its own.


  19. Spring came early for us this year, but I understand the intensity of this longing. So full of sensory images, Wonderful!


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