Thursday, March 23, 2023

under the crepe myrtle tree

i spread a basket of entrees-

bread of tulipped wheat

jam of lilac & lemon jelly

mudcookies & appled plum wine

you bring the orangeist sunflowers

with the plumpiest pillows & blankets-

we hug-cuddle as long-lost sisters

and oohed-aahed over orange cake

i place the buttersnaps & sugarwiches

on caramel daisied plates

there's gossip to be pickled & traded

& poems to read & spooned over

fresh pinappple bits-

we are going to have

the yarrowest & amberberried

picnic in the park

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub- Meeting the Bar:  Word play.  Join us for a fun way of writing poems - playing with words.  Thanks for your visits and comments.


  1. How delightful! This picnic and sister-talk, the best kind!

  2. That sounds like a picnic from a children's story, or a dream. The kind of food that floats away when you try to take a piece. Lovely poem!

  3. I'm oohing and ahhing over your orangeist poetry and yarrowy prompt, Grace!

  4. As usual, Grace, your poetry beautifully awakens all our senses. Magnificent.

  5. What an enchanting piece of writing , Grace! You create a most delightful scene of sisterhood poeming.

  6. What a lovely moment you describe here for us, Grace! I enjoyed all the accents of orange accentuating the warmth of the scene, and the mouth-watering feast. Love the third stanza especially with the poems and gossip to be traded :-)


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